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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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        Cashmere sweater manufacturers recommend womens sweater style

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        Cashmere sweater manufacturers recommend womens sweater style

        Release date:2020-03-13 Author:Hebei naibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd Clicks:

        In cashmere sweater factory, we often see yarn: 24s / 2, 26S / 2, 28s / 2, 24s * 2, 26S * 2, 68s / 3, 80s / 3, etc. Common organizational structure: plain needle (widely used in ordinary cashmere and trousers), rib (commonly used in hem, cuff, neckline, etc.), pick flowers, draw strips, twist flowers, single and double border tissues (single Yuanbao tissues), pull flowers, jacquard tissues (single-sided jacquard and double-sided jacquard). Common models: common knitting needle types of woolen cashmere sweater: 7-12; common knitting needle types of worsted cashmere sweater: 14, 16 and 18. The equipment includes manual common flat knitting machine, manual jacquard knitting machine and computer automatic flat knitting machine.

        Women's sweater style recommendation, ginger has always been warm, in the background of polka dot shirt is more sweet, but through the lower body of all black with a lot of sexy. The sweater is made of thick blue-green wool, which is very warm. The blue hem makes the sweater look like an ordinary T-shirt, very neat. The whole body is white, clean and academic.

        Here are some tips for shrinking sweaters:

        The specific methods are as follows: first, add shampoo into a basin of warm water at about 30 ℃, wash the sweater, wrap it with cloth, and then dehydrate; take a household steamer, and wipe the steamer drawer and cover with detergent to remove oil stains. Add some water to the steamer and boil it. Fold the cleaned sweater and put it into the steamer drawer. After steaming for about 10 minutes, stop fire. Put on thick gloves and take out the sweater. Cut a piece of thick cardboard (including two sleeves) of the same size as the original sweater. Stick a rubber strip on the cutting mouth to avoid scratching the clothes. Then put the sweater on the thick cardboard and pull the corners, neckline and cuffs into thick paper Board size, and fixed with pin or clip, individual parts can be stretched by hand. After cooling completely, remove the cardboard and spread the sweater flat and dry in the shade.

        It should be noted that before stretching, the length of the sweater and the proportion of the length of each part should be well known, and it is not allowed to stretch too much at one time. Measure the total length with a ruler after all drawing is completed. If the length is not enough, repeat.

        Cashmere sweater manufacturers recommend women's sweater style

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