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        What is siro spinning introduced by cashmere yarn manufacturers

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        What is siro spinning introduced by cashmere yarn manufacturers

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        The manufacturer of cashmere yarn introduces that siro spinning is to feed two rovings with a certain distance on the spinning frame. After drafting, the front roller will output these two single yarn whiskers, and the PLA / Colored Cotton siro spinning will carry a small amount of twist on the single yarn whiskers due to the transmission of twist. After splicing, it will be further twisted into a yarn similar to the composite yarn, which will be wound on the bobbin.

        As we all know, there are six factors that affect product quality: human, machine, material, method, environment and measurement.

        The ring spinning process is from flower - Carding - drawing - ROVING - spinning - grooving.

        ● our factory has been improved in technology and equipment.

        ● adopt the blowing carding system to supply cotton, ensure the cotton layer is stable and the cotton net is uniform, and control the product quality from the cotton net.

        ● fa306 is used to combine and triple merge to reduce the difference coefficient of ripe strips.

        The self winding drum is used for the back spinning to ensure the yarn line is even and free of knots

        The spinning process is strictly controlled to ensure the product quality and reliability.

        Long term supply of metal yarn, the regular specification is 32S / 2, the ingredients are 35% polyester, 35% cotton, 30% metal, 70% acrylic, 30% metal, 80% acrylic, 20% metal, 90% acrylic, 10% metal, 70% polyester, 30% metal, 80% polyester, 20% metal, etc. According to the needs of our customers, we can also order other products of different specifications. The basic color is light gray, and we can order different colors.

        The price of cashmere thread is higher than that of ordinary wool, but the appearance of the knitted cashmere garment is very noble, and its warmth retention is three times higher than that of ordinary wool, which is popular. With the gradual recognition of cashmere, more and more people will begin to like cashmere in the future.

        In short, "count" refers to the thickness of the yarn. At present, the "British system" is still in common use in China, i.e. a pound (454g) of cotton yarn (or other component yarn). When the length is 840 yards (0.9144 yards / meter), the yarn's fineness is one. If a pound of yarn, its length is 10 × 840 yards, its fineness is 10, and so on. (to be exact: the length in a gram of weight is the number)

        What is siro spinning introduced by cashmere yarn manufacturers

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