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        Manufacturing process of cashmere manufacturer

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        Manufacturing process of cashmere manufacturer

        Release date:2019-12-11 Author:Hebei naibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd Clicks:

        Cashmere manufacturers are good at cashmere, but also expensive. The second is pure sweater? There is a uniform sign of pure wool on the left side of the clothes. This sign is a uniform and special inspection sign for the whole family. Manufacturers who are not pure wool can not get such a sign, because if the fake wool is detected, the factory will face closure and bankruptcy. The requirements are very strict. For example, if it is a pure wool sweater, but there is no uniform sign, it means there is a fake. Remind us again whether it's the seller or the buyer, it's worth noting when purchasing or buying clothes.) It's blending

        Cashmere yarn is a kind of yarn made from cashmere, which is processed by blending, carding, spinning, winding, doubling, twisting and other links (the worsted yarn needs to be made into strips first), and is called cashmere yarn.

        Cashmere yarn is divided into: roving yarn, worsted yarn and semi-finished yarn according to the production process. The roving yarn is relatively thick, with relatively low count, generally from 14 to 32 counts. The semi-worsted yarn is relatively thin, with relatively high count, generally from 48 to 100 counts, and feels softer and softer than the worsted yarn. The worsted yarn is thin and has a high count, generally from 48 to 150.

        Mohair is a kind of heterogeneous hair, mixed with a certain amount of pith hair and dead hair. The content of pith is related to the hand feeling. The content of pith is less than 1% in the wool of better sheep, but more than 20% in the heterogeneous wool of worse sheep. Therefore, the quality of mohair is very different.

        The word "Mohair" comes from ancient Arabic, which means "shiny goat hair and satin". With its unique luster, natural sagging, soft, plump, durable and wrinkle resistant, it is praised by manufacturers, fashion designers and interior decorators all over the world. Due to the limitation of production, mohair is more noble and luxurious. Together with alpaca hair, she is called special animal fiber.

        The commonly used handmade cashmere knitting thread for bar and needle belongs to roving yarn. The ordinary cashmere sweater is also made of roving yarn. The super thin cashmere fashion in spring and summer, T-shirt and cashmere underwear are usually made of worsted cashmere yarn. Semi worsted cashmere yarn is a new product developed in recent years. It is being accepted and tried by knitting factory, and the effect is good.

        Manufacturing process of cashmere manufacturer

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