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        How to make a new cashmere sweater before wearing it

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        How to make a new cashmere sweater before wearing it

        Release date:2019-12-04 Author:Hebei naibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd Clicks:

        The newly purchased cashmere sweater should be cleaned before being put into use, because it will be stained with oil, paraffin, dust and other spoils during the production process of the sweater, and the new sweater will have the smell of mothproofing agent; if conditions permit, the dehydrated sweater can be dried in the environment of 80 ℃. If it is dried at normal temperature, it is not necessary to use the clothes rack, but to wear the sleeves of the clothes to hang or lay flat, and put it in a cool and ventilated place;

        Cashmere sweater manufacturers have different design requirements for men's sweaters due to different age groups. Young men, who are in a vigorous period, are lively, active, sensitive to new things, and pursue new types. They are usually interested in sweaters, hunting shirts, jackets and other woolen sweater brands that can reflect men's weight and strong physique. The color can be medium dark, such as light camel, coffee, olive green, turquoise, black, gray and other colors, or several colors can be combined or several patterns can be combined to show light and natural.

        Washing and care of sweaters:

        For cardigans, we prefer dry cleaning or hand washing. When hand washing, the water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃. It is recommended not to use washing powder. You can choose a special detergent for cardigans, which can be mixed with warm water. According to the dirty situation of cardigans, you can add it as appropriate, soak it and rub it gently, then soak it and rub it lightly again. Repeat this several times, then rinse it with water, and dehydrate it for 1-2 minutes. If machine washing is adopted, it must be carried out according to the washing steps of the sweater on the washing machine, and the water temperature should also be controlled within 30 ℃;

        (juice) if it is stained with juice, wipe it with a towel soaked in hot water. Compared with other stains, this kind of stains are easier to be wiped clean.

        (coffee, tea) the stains of coffee and tea are all water-based. First, use a dry towel to absorb them. Towel has strong water absorption, and stain is not easy to spread.

        (oil stain) put a dry towel under the soiled wool coat and wipe the stain repeatedly with another towel.

        Please note that only by continuous wiping can the stain area in the sweater be gradually reduced. After a few hours back home, wash the traces on the clothes immediately.

        Generally speaking, the buttocks of woolen sweater should not be exaggerated, such as the bottom of the coat and the buttocks of the trousers, etc., which should not be increased too much width, so as not to appear loose and bloated. The waist line can be selected according to the type and fashion trend.

        How to make a new cashmere sweater before wearing it

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