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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

        Contact: Manager Men

        Tel: 13363799563

        Address: Qinghe Hebei city of Xingtai Province

        More cashmere yarn is mainly exported through Hong Kong

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        More cashmere yarn is mainly exported through Hong Kong

        Release date:2019-11-27 Author:Hebei naibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd Clicks:

        Cashmere yarn is mainly exported through Hong Kong The raw materials of cashmere are produced in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and the processing and distribution center is located in Qinghe, Hebei Province. However, there are many counterfeits. Large cashmere enterprises include erduoluwang, Zhenbei, Xuelian and so on. There is a large demand for cashmere yarn in economically developed and cold places But most of the cashmere yarn enterprises, in addition to just mentioned, in Tongxiang area of Zhejiang Province, Southern Jiangsu area of large consumption.

        Compared with other fibers, the strength of sweater is poor. Its firmness is lower than that of cotton, hemp, natural silk and synthetic fiber, especially after soaking. When the cotton fiber is dry, its tensile strength is 25-80kg / milli punch, while the sweater is only 25-35kg / mm ", only half of the cotton fiber; after soaking, the strength of the cotton fiber is basically unchanged, or slightly increased, while when the sweater is under water, it will swell and harden, as if it is very strong, but in fact it is very fragile, only 50% of the strength at that time. Therefore, when washing the woolen sweater fabric, it is not allowed to soak it in water for too long, let alone twist it vigorously.

        Cashmere yarn manufacturer's worsted fabric is made of fine wool as the main raw material and high wool yarn. Its cloth surface is clean, its texture is clear, its hand feel is smooth and waxy, it is elastic, its color is bright and moist, and its luster is soft. It is suitable for men's and women's high-grade suits, professional suits, time suits, etc. Woolen fabrics are made of coarse wool yarns, which are generally heavier than fine fabrics. The fabric is full-bodied and soft in texture. The surface is generally covered with long or short fluff, giving people a warm feeling. It is suitable for making coats and coats in spring and autumn and winter. In terms of women's time, it has the characteristics of bright color, strong flower pattern expression and rich decorative beauty.

        More cashmere yarn is mainly exported through Hong Kong

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