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        Its light, soft, warm and waxy. Its worth having

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        Its light, soft, warm and waxy. Its worth having

        Release date:2019-11-06 Author:Cashmere manufacturer Clicks:

        Because of the high-grade nature of cashmere products, and with the popularity of cashmere products, some manufacturers in order to obtain high profits, in the production of cashmere products, add wool fiber to reduce costs, deceive consumers, for ordinary consumers, cashmere fiber and wool can not be effectively identified, must rely on the corresponding testing agencies, only professionals with the help of a microscope Through the identification of fiber surface morphology, identification can be carried out. Therefore, the market needs textile testing institutions to effectively identify and supervise cashmere products.

        The raw material of the sweater is sheep wool. The sweater is not suitable for wearing close to the body, and it will feel like a prick. Some of the better quality and softer sheep wool is labeled as "Cashmere" by JS to fool consumers. There is no cashmere in sheep. The so-called cashmere is only produced by cashmere goats in the areas of 105-115 ° E and 35-45 ° n. And wool is good in Australia. If all the wool produced in the world every year is made into cardigans, everyone in the world can have two.

        1. The scale arrangement of wool is closer and thicker than that of cashmere, and its shrinkage is larger than that of cashmere.

        2. The crimp degree of wool is smaller than that of cashmere, and the crimp number, crimp rate and crimp recovery rate of cashmere fiber are larger. It is suitable to be processed into full-bodied, soft and elastic knitwear, comfortable and natural to wear, and has good reduction characteristics, especially in the aspects of no shrinkage after washing and good shape retention. Because cashmere has high natural curl, close arrangement and good cohesion in spinning and weaving, it has good warmth retention, which is 1.5-2 times of that of wool.

        3. The leather content of cashmere is higher than that of wool, and the rigidity of cashmere fiber is better than that of wool, that is, cashmere is softer than wool.

        4. The fineness unevenness of cashmere is smaller than that of wool, and the appearance quality of its products is better than that of wool.

        5. The fineness of cashmere fiber is even, its density is smaller than that of wool, its cross section is more regular circle, and its products are lighter and thinner than that of wool products.

        6. The hygroscopicity of cashmere is better than that of wool, which can fully absorb dyes and is not easy to fade High moisture regain and high resistance.

        7. The acid and alkali resistance of wool is better than that of cashmere, and the damage of wool is smaller than that of cashmere when encountering oxidant and reductant.

        8. Generally, the pilling resistance of wool products is better than that of cashmere products, but the felting shrinkage is greater.

        The raw material of cashmere sweater is cashmere. The total output of cashmere in the world accounts for 2% of all fabric fibers in the world, 60% of which is produced in Inner Mongolia, China. Cashmere sweater is characterized by light, soft, warm and waxy, which is very suitable for wearing close to the body, with good warmth, air permeability and comfort. If all the cashmere produced in the world every year is used to make cashmere sweater, every 5000 people in the world can share one.


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