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        Nebo tells you how to restore a deformed cashmere sweater to its original state

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        Nebo tells you how to restore a deformed cashmere sweater to its original state

        Release date:2019-09-12 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

        When cashmere sweater manufacturer introduces the storage of cashmere sweater, do not contact the moth-proof agent directly with cashmere sweater.

        When storing cashmere sweaters, attention should be paid to shading and keeping ventilation.

        How to renovate woolen sweaters:

        The sweater is shortened and hardened. It can be wrapped up in clean white cloth and steamed in a steamer for ten minutes. After taking it out, it shakes a little and loosens the fibers. Then it is carefully pulled into its original shape and size. It is laid flat on the back of the sheet or screen and dried in a ventilated place, and it can be restored to its original shape after drying.

        Cashmere sweater manufacturer clothing hollow design used in sweaters makes the sweater look not heavy, no matter what style of inner lap as long as it blends in red is very sexy.

        The knitting method makes the sweater more flexible. The combination of milky white and Brown is very personalized and convenient to match. The pocket on the chest not only echoes the splicing color, but also makes the whole body look not monotonous.

        The white pattern is like a totem around the body, while the design of the round collar in Europe and the United States also makes the Japanese and Korean Ms fond of it.

        The embellishment of large coloured diamonds is not exaggerated but fashionable enough. It looks more texture and new than ordinary sequins. The original colourful diamonds are gorgeous with woolen sweaters as backing.

        The wool ball is formed by long-term friction of the short hair on the wool coat. Generally speaking, when you see the wool ball, you will feel that the quality of the sweater is not good. In fact, it is a sign of the quality of the sweater. Soft, good texture clothes are easy to pill, that is to say, good quality wool overcoats are easy to pill. The hair ball seen by the naked eye can be cut off with scissors. Never forcibly pull off the wool balls on a wool overcoat, which can easily damage the yarn.

        How to Keep Cashmere Sweaters

        Cashmere is easily eaten by insects because it is a natural fiber. To prevent this, aired cashmere products should be aired thoroughly and stored in camphor sealed with clean plastic bags. Meanwhile, mildew-proof and moth-proof tablets are put around the wardrobe to avoid dampness and mildew of cashmere products. Nevertheless, moth-proof agents should not be in direct contact with cashmere sweaters.

        For more information about cashmere and cashmere yarn, please pay attention to Nippon's official website: http://www.hebeinoble.com/

        Nebo tells you how to restore a deformed cashmere sweater to its original state

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