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        They are all pure cashmere. Why are some of them uncomfortable to wear and very tied?

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        They are all pure cashmere. Why are some of them uncomfortable to wear and very tied?

        Release date:2019-04-10 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

        Cashmere is a good textile material. The clothes made from cashmere are comfortable to wear and show our personal taste. But sometimes the pure cashmere sweaters we spend a lot of money to buy back are very tied up. Is this because we buy fake ones? In fact, not necessarily. Why do you say that? Please listen to Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. for your detailed explanation!

        Fabrics with 70% and 98% cashmere content are doomed to have different skin affinity, which we must all understand, needless to say more. But why is the same 100% pure cashmere, personal wear experience will be different? This is because of the difference between woolen and worsted. Simply put, cashmere velvet in the process of spinning yarn, because the process is different, the appearance of two different yarns.

        Roving yarn, as its name implies, is thicker, usually 14 to 32; worsted yarn is thinner, higher count, usually from 28 to 120. "Branches (also known as yarns, can be written as S) are fibers or yarns of a certain weight. For example, the thinner a gram of cashmere is spun, the longer the yarn is. That is to say, "the higher the count of yarns".

        Cashmere manufacturer's woolen cashmere products generally have strong texture weaving effect, rich and smooth suede, uniform and slightly lustrous color, warm touch, no crease marks after folding, soft wool, strong resilience. The worsted cashmere products have smooth surface, fine texture, soft and natural luster, soft handle and elasticity.

        So when we choose clothes to wear close to our body, we have to choose a relatively high number of clothes. But if we wear clothes outside, fashion often becomes the standard of choice for many people.

        They are all pure cashmere. Why are some of them uncomfortable to wear and very tied?

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