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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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        Naibao factory talks about the style and price of cashmere sweater at present

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        Naibao factory talks about the style and price of cashmere sweater at present

        Release date:2019-01-19 Author:河北耐宝羊绒制品有限公司 Clicks:

        Cashmere sweater manufacturer is a garment knitted from cashmere. According to the yarn category, it can be divided into woolen knitting and worsted knitting. According to the proportion of raw materials, it can be divided into pure cashmere and cashmere blending. Most popular styles are V-neck pullovers, cardigans, T-shirts and so on. It has natural colors such as white, blue and purple of cashmere itself, and can also be dyed. Soft, smooth, lustrous, warm, comfortable to wear, but the strength is poor. Generally speaking, cashmere sweaters knitted on flat knitting machines can be divided into woolen cashmere sweaters (such as 5 needles, 7 needles, 9 needles, 12 needles) and worsted cashmere sweaters (such as 14 needles, 16 needles, 18 needles cashmere sweaters).

        According to collar type, it can be divided into round collar, standing collar, pile collar, roll collar, V collar, semi-high collar, one-word collar and lapel, etc.

        According to shoulder type, it can be divided into flat shoulder, half flat shoulder, big flat shoulder, flat shoulder and big flat shoulder, flat shoulder and half flat shoulder, saddle shoulder and shoulder insertion, etc.

        According to sleeve type, it can be divided into: long sleeve shirt, middle sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, sling shirt and so on.

        According to style, it can be divided into pullovers, cardigans, vest, jacquard sweaters, ordinary one-sided sweaters and decorative fashion shirts (such as cashmere sweaters with decorations such as ironing drills, lace, embroidery) and so on.

        Cashmere is a thin layer of soft wool that grows on the outer epidermis of goats and covers the roots of goats'long hair. It grows when it is cold in winter and gradually falls off when it is warm in spring. Compared with wool and other fibers, it has the characteristics of fine, soft, slippery, waxy, light, warm, soft luster and strong elasticity, which make up for the shortcomings of wool such as thick, rough, poor elasticity and large shrinkage. It is known as "fiber diamond" and "soft gold".

        Cashmere goats grow in the Gobi plateau. This harsh geographical environment determines that the number of cashmere goats is extremely limited. According to statistics, the annual output of cashmere in the world is 10,000-12,000 tons, while the production of cashmere in China accounts for about 70% of the world's cashmere production. A goat can produce only 50-80 grams of wool-free per year, that is to say, five goats can produce only one cashmere sweater per year.

        Naibao factory talks about the style and price of cashmere sweater at present

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