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        Nebo tells you what the strength of cashmere yarn depends on

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        Nebo tells you what the strength of cashmere yarn depends on

        Release date:2019-01-16 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

        Cashmere yarn manufacturers introduce that the strength of cashmere yarn depends on the cohesion and friction between fibers. If the shape and arrangement of the fibers are not good, that is, there are twists, loops, half and surround fibers, it is equivalent to shortening the length of the fibers and weakening the touch degree of the fibers, so it is easy to slip between the fibers and reduce the strength of cashmere yarns.

        The cohesive force is the embodiment of the crimp characteristics of fibers. The cohesive force of fibers is an important product quality index for products with cut length. When the user carries out carding operation, the fibers form a fine web, which is then gathered together by the cohesive force between the fibers. This operation is very sensitive to the cohesive force of fibers. With low cohesive force, the web will sag or break and the spinnability will decline. For two kinds of tows, low cohesive force increases the width of the tow, which is not conducive to the processing of the tow. The unique canine tooth structure of dry-spun acrylic fibers makes cohesion an important index affecting the spinnability of the fibers.

        The experiment shows that if the strength of ring yarn is 1, the strength of other yarns is 0.8-0.9 for rotor yarn, 0.6-0.7 for jet yarn, 0.8 for eddy yarn and 1.15 for tight spinning. Cashmere yarn is divided into: roving yarn, worsted yarn and semi-worsted yarn. Roving yarn is relatively thick, count is relatively low, generally from 14 to 32. Semi-worsted yarns are finer and have a higher count, ranging from 48 to 100. They feel softer and softer than worsted yarns. Worsted yarns are finer and have a higher count, generally from 48 to 150.

        Cashmere knitting yarn for hand-made bar and needle is roving yarn. Ordinary cashmere sweater is also roving yarn, while worsted cashmere yarn is commonly used in spring and summer super-thin cashmere fashion, T-shirt and cashmere underwear. Semi-worsted cashmere yarn is a new product developed in recent years. It is being accepted and tested by knitting factories, and the effect is good.

        Nebo tells you what the strength of cashmere yarn depends on

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