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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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        What about shrinkage of worsted cashmere fabric? Dont worry, Nippon has a way!

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        What about shrinkage of worsted cashmere fabric? Dont worry, Nippon has a way!

        Release date:2019-01-12 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

        The worsted cashmere clothes are very nice and comfortable to wear, but if they shrink, they don't know what to do. After all, the price is still very high. Don't worry, Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. will recruit for you!

        The shrinkage worsted cashmere can be heated with a steam ironing bucket, then stretched out the shrinkage area, padded with a towel and laid flat slowly for air drying, so as to restore the worsted cashmere.

        Dilute the amonian water for household use into water, soak the worsted cashmere in water for about 15 minutes, gently lengthen the shrinking part with your hands, then rinse it with cold water, and pull the shape again when it is half dry. However, the amonian water can destroy the soap content in worsted cashmere, and it is recommended to use cautiously.

        Cashmere manufacturer introduced Ammonia water is ammonia water, it is ammonia water solution, colorless and strong irritating odor. The higher the ammonia content, the smaller the density. In general, the density of concentrated ammonia water in the market is 0.91g/cm3, and the concentration is about 28% (mass percentage). Melting point - 77 C. It is soluble in water, ethanol and ether. It reacts with acid to produce heat and has a strong irritating odor. It is sensitive and irritating to human eyes, nose and damaged skin. Corrosive. The density of concentrated ammonia water was 0.88g/cm3 and the concentration was 35.28% (mass percentage). In ammonia water, there are not only free ammonia molecules, but also hydrated ammonia molecules and ammonium ions, which mainly form hydrated ammonia molecules. In essence, ammonia molecules and hydrogen supplied by water are formed by coordination bonds. Only a small part of ammonia hydrate molecules are ionized into ammonium ion and hydroxide ion, so the solution is weakly alkaline. The ionization constant of ammonia water is K=1.8*10-5 at 25 C. Ammonia water absorbs carbon dioxide to form ammonium bicarbonate and sulfur dioxide to form ammonium sulfite or ammonium bisulfite. Ammonia water can be oxidized by strong oxidants such as Cl2 and KMnO4 at room temperature. Reaction with acid to form ammonium salts. Complex ions are formed by interacting with Ag+, Cu2+, Cr3+, Zn2+ and other metal ions. Ammonia water can be used as chemical reagent, fertilizer, detergent, disinfectant and medicine. Ammonia is prepared by feeding ammonia into water.

        What about shrinkage of worsted cashmere fabric? Don't worry, Nippon has a way!

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