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        Why are the cashmere sweaters in shopping malls not very attractive?

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        Why are the cashmere sweaters in shopping malls not very attractive?

        Release date:2018-12-19 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

        Cashmere is a very precious textile material. The cashmere sweater made of cashmere is light and warm, which is loved by people with good taste. But most of the cashmere we see when we go shopping is not very beautiful. So why in the end? In fact, there is a reason for this. Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. will explain the reason for you now.

        One is that cashmere is a very precious raw material, which is sold at a price of gram. The clothes made are of course expensive. You have to design too young, have the ability to consume, can not afford to buy, you have to do that kind of design sense is not, some people feel too ordinary to sell in the mall, the mall brand price will be marked about eight times the cost price, so high prices of course determine that her target population is those who have the ability to consume, enjoy the class, generally determined. They are about 40 years old, or they buy filial piety for the elderly. So the design will be done on the flowers and green, design highlights close to the elderly, embroidery, sticking drills and so on.

        Another possibility is that in order to make a profit, the store brand intentionally enters the special price of cashmere sweater manufacturers, which is not sold well every year. However, the cashmere feel is still there, and some people are willing to buy it. This situation is not too much. In fact, many cashmere production enterprises have paid attention to this problem from the beginning of development. In the process of younger and younger, there are 5-6 cashmere production enterprises customers. According to them, cashmere sweaters in the past few years can be sold as long as they look at the past. 100,000 cashmere sweaters produced a year are no problem. Nowadays, the Chinese people are more and more aesthetic, and the style is more and more valued. Now the style has become too good. So if you want to buy younger cashmere, don't go to the shopping mall, find out whether there is cashmere living hall, or roadside boutique high-end shops, cashmere style will be younger and more fashionable, these are generally sellers to the manufacturer to select their own purchase.

        Now do you know why?

        Why are the cashmere sweaters in shopping malls not very attractive?

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