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        White cashmere, purple velvet and green velvet, which kind of cashmere is good?

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        White cashmere, purple velvet and green velvet, which kind of cashmere is good?

        Release date:2018-10-24 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

        Cashmere is a kind of high-grade wool spinning raw materials, according to its color can be divided into white, purple, green velvet, of which White Velvet is widely used. White cashmere is the cashmere produced by white goats. Albas white cashmere goats in Etok Banner are well-known for their high cashmere yield and excellent fineness, length, pulling force, stretching force and luster. Purple velvet is the black goat's cashmere. The purple velvet produced in Wushen Banner is the best in our country. It is characterized by "purple color, fine and long fiber, soft performance, moist and delicate color, fat thickness, tensile strength, luster and high content of cashmere". The cashmere produced by Green Goat and brown red goat is called green velvet.

        What kind of cashmere can be made of white cashmere, purple velvet, and green velvet? As a matter of fact, white cashmere is a good material for both hand and color, which is beyond doubt. Cashmere has strong dyeing power and is not easy to decolor. In order to make the color of cashmere more diversified, it is usually dyed before spinning, and the dye will damage the fiber more or less. The use of white cashmere in light colors is undoubtedly good.

        However, for some products with medium and dark colors, the consequence of using white velvet is that the amount of dye is large, resulting in the result will affect the fiber elongation and yarn feel, but also easy to fade, resulting in poor color fastness. Therefore, according to the spinning color reasonable and effective use of green and purple velvet, can ensure that the quality of cashmere is not affected by green, purple velvet is not inferior velvet, to a certain extent, there are advantages, such as now more popular non-dyed cashmere, White Velvet appears monotonous, and the advantages of green and purple velvet are reflected Cashmere manufacturers, after screening, without adding any color, will be similar to the original color of the pile together for spinning, weaving clothes. The effect is not inferior to white velvet, especially the number of purple velvet, purple velvet noble color atmosphere, even after ordinary weaving process, the finished product is very noble and generous.

        Therefore, Hebei Niebao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. reminds everyone here in the purchase of cashmere yarn, must be based on the color of their choice to trace the quality of raw wool. All transactions are completed on the premise that the interests of the larger, yarn is undoubtedly the pursuit of good products need to be rational judgment, rather than blindly superstitious in the good raw material spinning yarn is good!

        White cashmere, purple velvet and green velvet, which kind of cashmere is good?

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