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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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        Cashmere production reduces the price of cashmere yarn and its products.

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        Cashmere production reduces the price of cashmere yarn and its products.

        Release date:2018-10-13 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

        In July and August of this year, the price of cashmere yarn fluctuated abnormally, and gradually stabilized in September. "Last year, the yarn purchase price was 720,000 yuan / ton, and this year the purchase price of similar goods reached 850,000 yuan / ton." Every year, the heads of the company are going to buy raw velvet in Inner Mongolia and Liaoning. This year, Inner Mongolia Alxa League cashmere acquisition prices rose sharply, 190-200 yuan per catty in the south, 30-40 yuan per catty than last year, 200-210 yuan per catty in the north, 40-50 yuan per catty than last year, an average increase of about 25%.

        With the drop of temperature, there are more and more sweaters shop in the streets and lanes of Hangzhou. Zhao Bo, a clothing store in Zhongshan Road, said: "Last year we did not receive incoming materials processing, one did not know whether the customer's own line is good or not, and some of the poor quality of the shake up very troublesome, and the other to sell their own line shake more profits." But this year's raw material prices have risen a little bit, do a good job of clothing prices rise too much fear of selling bad, do the material processing is relatively stable, "the good batch, worsted pure cashmere, last year 600 yuan / kg, this year nearly 700 yuan / kg."

        Mr. Fang, who is in the cashmere business in Sijiqing, said that the long cashmere dress with similar styles was priced at 3160 yuan last year and 3,360 yuan this year. "The price of pure cashmere is already high, and it is even more difficult to do business again, but the price of yarn has risen a lot this year."

        Cashmere production accounts for 65% of the world's total, and cashmere output in Qinghe County, Hebei, accounts for six or seven of China's total output. The head of Hebei Qinghe County resistant cashmere yarn manufacturer said.

        After removing the wool and impurities from the raw wool, it is combed and made into cashmere strips. After dyeing and other processing, the cashmere yarn is turned into spun cashmere yarn. "The overall output of cashmere is reduced this year, and the market is beginning to fail to get the goods." For example, Liaoning, because sheep farming has changed from stocking to captivity, directly driving the cost of raising livestock. In addition, the number of captivity can not reach the scale of stocking. "Our partners have reduced the cashmere production by at least 50%." On the other hand, because of the rise in the price of mutton, some herding sheep have been reared for mutton sheep.

        Anti treasure is planning transformation. "Simply do yarn profit is only 3 to 5 percentage points, now we start to do cashmere products deep processing, such as cashmere coats, profit can be high." Cashmere production and processing enterprises will start stockpiling the year before. "A large part of the raw materials we buy each year are reserved for production and sales the following year, because July to October is the peak season for production and delivery, but inventory is now very small." The sharp rise in yarn prices this year has also led to a rise in orders prices next year.

        Cashmere production reduces the price of cashmere yarn and its products.

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