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        Wearing experience is different because cashmere yarn is also divided into three hundred sixty nine.

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        Wearing experience is different because cashmere yarn is also divided into three hundred sixty nine.

        Release date:2018-08-29 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

        The true quality of pure cashmere yarn is silky and delicate, and even its products can be dressed close to sleep, but why is the same cashmere fabric on the market, the experience of wearing close to wear or thousands of different? According to the introduction of Hebei Niebao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd., that is because the pure cashmere of the standard board is not 100% pure according to the national Jia standard, cashmere yarn is divided into pure cashmere yarn and cashmere blended yarn two categories:

        (1) pure cashmere yarn contains more than 95% cashmere and can be labeled as 100% pure cashmere.

        (2) cashmere yarn contains more than 30% of the cashmere standard, and the specific content must be specified.

        3. Cashmere can not be called cashmere with a quantity of less than 30%.

        Cashmere blended yarn with cashmere content below 95%. The raw materials are silk, cotton, wool and newly developed milk protein fiber and soybean fiber. Cashmere yarn is the direct raw material of cashmere sweater, the quality of cashmere sweater directly depends on the purity and quality of cashmere yarn. Proper strength, twist and evenness of yarn, as well as the length and fineness of material (cashmere raw material) determine the quality grade of cashmere yarn. Different grades determine different prices, good quality cashmere sweater if preserved. You can wear it for 5,6 years. So, pure cashmere yarn is extremely comfortable, suitable for skin (except allergic skin) close to wear, no itching, warmth than ordinary cashmere.

        This explains why the wearing experience of cashmere products with different cashmere contents is quite different. Is it all the same for pure velvet products?

        In fact, cashmere raw cashmere is divided into 369, common cashmere raw cashmere according to its color is divided into white, green, purple cashmere, etc., of which white cashmere quality is better. The average fineness is about 14 microns, the middle length is 4CM, the intensity is 4.6-4.9, and the elongation is good. 100% pure cashmere products, mainly from Alashan, Inner Mongolia white cashmere, cashmere content strictly meet the national Jia standard, soft and smooth touch, you can bring more beautiful skin care Oh, even if the better cashmere raw materials, pure cashmere yarn quality depends on the production process and after-treatment and many other factors.

        Cashmere yarn is divided into woollen yarn, worsted yarn and semi fine yarn according to the manufacturing process. Coarse yarns are relatively coarse, with relatively low numbers, ranging from 14 to 32. The cashmere knitted sweaters and mothers'sweaters we often wear are woolen cashmere products. It is worth noting that the characteristics of high-worsted cashmere are anti-pilling, fine and warm. Known as the "king of cashmere," the velvet ring is light, thin, soft, slippery, warm and can easily pass through a ring. 300 pieces are almost the limit of the present cashmere process, and 200 pieces are usually good ring products. So the color of cashmere raw materials, thickness, length, and spinning count determine the quality of pure cashmere yarn. This explains why the same pure cashmere yarn products, different brands, and quality are vastly different.

        Wearing experience is different because cashmere yarn is also divided into three hundred sixty nine.

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