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        Does the manufacturer tell you whether the cashmere sweater is machine washable or dry cleaned?

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        Does the manufacturer tell you whether the cashmere sweater is machine washable or dry cleaned?

        Release date:2018-08-25 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

        Cashmere sweater manufacturer introduces that cashmere sweater should be dry-cleaned in general, according to the normal procedures of the dry-cleaning machine can be washed. But a cashmere sweater after many dry cleaning will become more stiff and not fluffy enough, light blue in the sweater after dry cleaning will feel not bright enough, poor cleanliness. 

        So cashmere sweater should be washed at suitable time, and the effect may be better. When the washing machine does not have a gentle washing procedure, it can be washed by hand. There are several points to note when washing. The Hebei Bao Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. will give you a specific introduction.

        1. do not rub too much to avoid man-made kink.

        2. do not wash with water above 35 degrees, otherwise it will cause distortion of the fiber.

        3. immersion time should not exceed 10 minutes, the total washing time should not exceed 25 minutes.

        4. Cashmere sweater belongs to more delicate clothing, it is also the same as wool, silk protein fiber, so must use neutral detergent washing. But don't wash it with any special detergent for woolen sweaters. It's a petroleum extract and it's very damaging to natural fabrics.

        A cashmere sweater only needs a few grams of neutral detergent, and the water temperature is not more than 30 degrees centigrade. After rinsing clean with water, it can also be treated with wool fabric softener. When washing stains, you must not exert too much force. When you rinse, you can add some acetic acid. Can be dehydrated, in order to prevent the centrifugal force when dehydration cashmere sweater loose, can be used to wrap the cashmere with a clean towel. The cashmere sweater is not suitable for immediate drying. The easy way is to dry naturally. We should pay special attention to the application of 2~3 clothes hangers to hang cashmere sweaters on the clothes rack crossbars. After washing and serious treatment of cashmere sweater cleanliness and fluffy feeling are very good, but the operation process must be accurate, not careless.

        The above is the washing method of cashmere sweater for Hebei Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

        Does the manufacturer tell you whether the cashmere sweater is machine washable or dry cleaned?

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