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        The way of collecting cashmere collection has changed.

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        The way of collecting cashmere collection has changed.

        Release date:2022-01-24 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

        Cashmereproducers introduce that cashmere products are wool fibers collected from cashmere goats or skins. The traditional method is to take advantage of the seasonal natural shedding characteristics of animal-specific wool, and use iron grab to grab the wool and natural impurities. However, due to the high improvement of cashmere goats in recent years, cashmere "scrapers" are obtained. 

        The seasonal natural shedding characteristics of goats gradually weakened, and then the way of collecting cashmere gradually changed from scratching with iron grabs to cutting with scissors, resulting in cashmere from "scraping cashmere" to "sheathing cashmere". Due to the change of cashmere gathering mode, cashmere industry chain has undergone a series of changes in production, acquisition, inspection and processing.

        Inner Mongolia is the main producing area of cashmere in China. Analyzing and studying the influence of cashmere collection on cashmere industry is of positive significance for protecting and utilizing this rare and precious resource, improving the quality and output of cashmere, realizing the benign development of cashmere industry, striving for high-quality brands and improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth.

        This subject is the basic applied research. After the completion of the project, it provides the basic technical basis for protecting and cultivating fine cashmere goat breeds, formulating cashmere quality and inspection standards and standards, developing and improving the production and processing technology of enterprises, and so on. It has a wide range of practicability.

        Investigation on collection methods of cashmere

        The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Fiber Inspection Bureau has made a thorough investigation on cashmere purchased and stored by cashmere production and processing enterprises in cashmere intensive breeding areas.

        The overall situation is: the former flag of Urat, the middle flag, the rear flag of Bayannao City, and Chifeng, Tongliao, Ordos, Alxa League, Hulunbeier goat raw cashmere purchased a certain proportion of suede, the overall average of about 20% of the purchase volume, from Shaanxi Province purchased 90% of the original cashmere is set. Zi cashmere.

        Enterprises generally reflected that the number of sets of cashmere products increased significantly in 2015 than in previous years. It is estimated that the number of suede has increased year by year.

        Above is the change and significance of the cashmere industry gathering mode summarized by Niebao manufacturers. The society is developing continuously and the production mode is also progressing constantly. Niebao keeps forging ahead on the road of development, improves the production mode, improves the product quality, and devotes itself to providing good cashmere products with Zui for the Chinese people.

        The way of collecting cashmere collection has changed.

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