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        The knitting method of your cashmere sweater

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        The knitting method of your cashmere sweater

        Release date:2018-05-02 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

        The cashmere sweater with good quality cashmere sweater feels soft, smooth and elastic, and its texture is neat. Another criterion for identification is to see its density: fine cashmere sweater is finely woven, the line is round and smooth, the surface is smooth and spotless, and the workmanship is exquisite.

        cashmere sweater

         When the cashmere sweater is stretched and loosened, the original shape should be restored in time. The cashmere sweater with poor quality is loose in structure, poor in elasticity and easy to deform. Even very light, cashmere sweater with good quality feels plump, soft and elastic. So when choosing cashmere sweaters, your hand is the best measure.

        Anti - treasure cashmere sweater introduction:

        Line: pure cashmere

        Quantity: 3 strands of 9 more than 2

        Needle: No. 15

        Time of use: 15 days

        Flat size: 2 full length. 05 feet wide 3. 1 feet shoulder width 1, 15 feet length 1. 8 feet

        The model is about 176 meters and 160 Jin

        Starting from 350 needles and three strands of elastic yarn, the needles and knitted needles will start to knit the body to 372 needles. The two sides should be 3, 2, and the other side should be 36 needles.

        At 1. Start the hurdles at 3 feet

        Before the cuff crest, leave 13 stitches and leave 10 stitches, and then the remaining 130 and 138 needles.

        Needles: No. 15 and No. 14

        Line: a hand woven cashmere + one strands of worsted lamb cashmere

        Knitting key points: starting with 418 needles, 15 knitted double thread 2 inch, 14 knitting flat knitting 14 inch minute needle, 210 front 210 pieces, 208 208 pieces.

        1, on both sides of the back of the 10 needle each time, began to knit the sleeve cage, according to the 4-2-10 small swallow needle method at this time 148 needles, clothing length to 19 inches when the swallow slanted shoulders in a total of 10 more than 68 needles at the back of the collar.

        2, each side of the front piece receives 12 stitches at the same time. The 2-3 lines of the sleeves began to knit the entrance guard, with a one-time collection of 17 needles (about 1.5 inches) and divided into left and right pieces. When the length of the garment was 19.5 inches, the front collar was opened by 2-5-1, 2-4-1, 2-3-1, 2-2-1 and 2-1-7.

        3, suture front and back tablets

        4, jumper collar machine collar

        5, flap: double pick 95 needles (according to machine collar weaving) and then weave 1.5 inch double thread.

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