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        Comparison of cashmere yarn with other yarns

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        Comparison of cashmere yarn with other yarns

        Release date:2018-02-24 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

        Cashmere yarn manufacturers with cashmere and wool as raw material, after carding, spinning, winding, doubling and twisting (also need to link worsted yarn made of strips), called cashmere  yarn.

        Cashmere yarn

        The jet yarn is a high speed jet swirl produced by compressed air, which is twisted, wrapped and twisted, to spun yarn. The yarn structure is unique, the yarn core is almost untwisted, the outsourced fiber is wrapped randomly, the yarn is loose, the feel is rough, and the strength is low.

        Yarn can be Machinable woven fabric and knitwear, for men and women coats, shirts, sportswear and work clothes. The principle of jet spinning and twisting of Coverspun yarn core category, part of the fibers parallel straight, and the appearance is formed on fiber yarn core wrapping rotary airflow direction two nozzles instead, make the yarn wrapping fiber number reached 30%, the number of wrapped fiber more, the number of yarn core fiber less, spun yarn tensile strength is also bigger. Practice has proved that the strength of air-jet spinning coarse yarn is obviously low, while the proportion of wrapped yarn is much larger than that of coarse yarn when producing fine yarn, so yarn strength is high.

        In addition, the monofilament is made up of a fiber filament. The diameter of the fiber is determined by the thickness of the filament. In general, it is only used for processing thin fabric or knitted fabric, such as nylon socks, veil napkins, etc. The deformed yarn is the deformation of the synthetic fiber filament, which is obtained from the straightening to the curl, also called the deformed wire or the processed silk. The deformed yarn includes high elastic wire, low elastic wire, expanded yarn and network wire.

        Naibao company production of wool is generally divided into fingering (referred to as wool) and knitted wool (the knitting wool) two categories, the number of shares, and the number of special use as the standard to distinguish. Yarn: the number of stocks is more than three shares (including three shares), but the number of stocks is more than 6 (including 6 branches). Knitted Velveteen: the number of shares is two shares, the number of joint stocks is less than 6, or the finished product is single, specially for knitwear processing three, all knitted velvet.

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