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        Cashmere yarn manufacturers wish you all winter solstice

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        Cashmere yarn manufacturers wish you all winter solstice

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        Today is the winter solstice, anti - treasure cashmere yarn manufacturers with all the staff wish everyone in winter solstice, happy life!

        According to modern astronomical science, the sun is directly on the Tropic of cancer on the winter solstice, also known as the winter solstice line. The sun is most tilted in the northern hemisphere, and the shortest in the northern hemisphere and the longest in the night. After the winter solstice, the direct point of the sun gradually shifted to the North regression line.

        In addition, the weather is predicted by the winter solstice weather and the succor of the arrival of the winter solstice day. As the saying goes: "the winter solstice in the month, to be cold at the end of the winter solstice; at the end of the month, during the winter solstice in colder months, no snow; no frost" (which is based on the winter solstice comes sooner or later, that cold to Taiwan sooner or later); it also said: "the winter solstice Winter Solstice Festival black, sparse sparse; the new year, black" (meaning: the winter solstice without the sun, so, a sunny day, on the contrary, if the winter solstice festival will be sunny, rain).

        The 39 day refers to the third "nine days" from the winter solstice, the 19-27 day after the winter solstice. China lunar "99" to calculate the winter solstice season, "the first day of the 19 days, every nine days for a" Nine ", the first nine days is called" 19 ", second nine day called" 29 ", and so on," 99 "after eighty-one days, the winter is over, enter the spring and the coldest period of the year is 39 days".

        The Chinese lunar calendar has the term "99", which is used to calculate the time. The calculation of the method is from the winter solstice, the date (from the beginning of the winter solstice, is called "T-9 cold start"), every nine days for a "Nine", the first nine days is called "19", second nine day called "29", and so on, until the "99", i.e. ninth to nine days, the number of over 99 to eighty-one days. Then the winter was over, and the spring came. "39" is the coldest.

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