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        Cashmere sweater Mashan cashmere factory tutor you how to wash

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        Cashmere sweater Mashan cashmere factory tutor you how to wash

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        cashmere sweater

        Cashmere factory cashmere sweaters should be washed with the method marked on the tag and water washing standard, and avoid washing with the washing machine. If conditions, can be dry cleaned or sent to the manufacturer's after-sales service center for washing, if washed with water, please refer to the following steps:

        The cashmere sweater is turned from inside to outside and soaked for 30 minutes in the neutral lotion of 20~30 degrees Celsius. It is best to use the diluted cashmere sweater special detergent to soak in 20~. Cashmere is a kind of acid alkali not protein fibers, avoid the use of enzyme or bleaching of chemical additives containing detergent, washing powder, soap, shampoo, to prevent erosion.

        For today's people, cashmere sweater has become an essential part of every dress, for the sweater pilling how to do this problem I think all of you should also meet the following small, according to the principle of wool sweater pilling sweater pilling to explain how to do? The woolen sweater pilling is due to the electrical resistance and electrical conductivity of wool fibers. When the clothes are wearing, the friction between fibers will result in the material and fabric structure of their products.

        What's the reason for the woolen sweater on the cardigan? What do you do if you don't get off the ball?

        Wearing a sweater there will be friction, fiber fabric in the movement of loose, entangled, crushed into a lump, forming spherical. This phenomenon is more or less existing in natural fibers and chemical fiber fabrics. The national textile industry standard is only a reference index for pilling, and it is not used as an evaluation index. The start of the ball is mainly to affect the appearance of the internal quality of no harm, the international textile technology is still to be solved.

        The composition and characteristics of woolen sweaters, cardigan structure not only affects the overall effect and style, but also to the cardigan elastic, warm, and even production efficiency. So before the knitted sweater is designed, the structure of the sweater must be fully understood and familiar. The paper mainly introduces the geometric features of the woolen sweater yarn, and the related knowledge about the yarn structure of the woolen sweater, which is relative to the orientation of the yarn axis.

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