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      1. Cashmere

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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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        Address: Qinghe Hebei city of Xingtai Province

        The raw material of knitted underwear comes from the cashmere yarn manufacturer

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        The raw material of knitted underwear comes from the cashmere yarn manufacturer

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        cashmere yarn

        The production of cashmere is extremely limited, and a cashmere goat produces 150 grams - 180 grams per year without Cashmere (remove impurities from the cashmere). The world's cashmere goats are mainly grown in the high and cold and semi desert regions of the northern, Mongolia, Iran and Afghanistan generations of China. The production of cashmere in the world is only about 20 thousand tons, accounting for 0.2% of the total amount of animal fiber.

        Chinese cashmere production accounted for 70% of total world production, Inner Mongolia output accounted for 60% of the country, especially in the west of Inner Mongolia the best quality cashmere, long length, fineness, both at home and abroad is recognized as the best Cashmere (Cashmere), Europe and the United States known as the "diamond fiber", Japan called "soft gold".

        China's wool knitting machine in the production of sweaters clothing has a history of 80 years. Before liberation, our sweater garment production technology is very backward, raw materials mainly rely on import, weaving, clothing and dyeing and finishing equipment very simple. Since liberation, especially since the early 80s, the design, production technology, technology and equipment of sweater clothing in our country have made remarkable progress.

        Because the comfortability of wool fabrics is also excellent, cashmere yarn manufacturers use it as raw material and raw material of knitted underwear, and transform their inherent characteristics. People like wool fabric with excellent wearability, and is committed to the development of new wool fabric finishing process, such as machine washable wool finishing, soft light wool finishing, cool dry and cool wool finishing, optimized the performance of wool, which need to meet a variety of clothing.

        Wool yarn structure modeling is a lot of people are not well understood, wool yarn surface geometric features, such as fiber orientation, fiber density, yarn twist and yarn caused by the corrugated defects, Mao Yu, fiber blended yarn, the effect of smoothness or fancy yarn nodules, often in a certain the degree of overall performance sweater fabric texture, softness, luster, smooth and fluffy.

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