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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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        Address: Qinghe Hebei city of Xingtai Province

        Wholesale cashmere sweater is the first choice of anti - treasure manufacturers, quality assurance

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        Wholesale cashmere sweater is the first choice of anti - treasure manufacturers, quality assurance

        Release date:2017-12-09 Author: Clicks:

        cashmere sweater

        In recent years, domestic cashmere clothing sales have been very flat. Cashmere processing enterprises are trying to find ways to improve product quality, adjust sales mode and layout, and establish and promote new brands. But in the short term, it is difficult to change this situation.

        In addition, some traditional OEM manufacturers and small and medium-sized cashmere sweaters were also closed down or even closed down due to the downturn in sales, resulting in a large backlog of cashmere raw materials and facing the situation of inventory being difficult to clean up. Some companies are not reluctant to buy, but have no funds to buy. In the last season, only one wool coat broke through a hole. There are many reasons for this situation, for example, dirt and wet air are not cleaned and the sweater is collected.

        1, pour enough warm water into the sink or bathtub to cover the sweater completely. And add soap, wash your hands with soap, water soluble.

        2, put the sweater's clothes in the soapy water, so that it is flooded. Gently wipe the woolen sweater back and forth in the water, and wipe it for two to three minutes. The left and right cuffs and neck, which are often the dirtiest place, need to be wiped more.

        3, the soapy water is discharged from the sink, and the sweater is flushed under warm water to remove the soap residue on the clothes of the sweater thoroughly.

        4, to fill the water tank, add 1/4 cup color safe bleach and soap. With your hands, mixed with water and dissolved soap flakes.

        5, put the sweater in the water, so that it is flooded. The sand gently rubbed the woolen sweater to further clean the sweater. Rinse the sweater thoroughly with hot water and rinse the woolen sweater in cold water immediately.

        6, the wool sweater drip drip dry, about 10 minutes. Then put the sweater on the towel, and then roll up the towel to remove the excess water and finally dry the sweater.

        Wool, like our human beings, is made up of protein and is easily eroded by moth if it is poorly managed. From now on, I hope you will love woolen sweaters and learn the right way of receiving. Even if your wool coat only passes through one time, it should be cleaned in time. It is the principle of ironding not to leave stains on the clothes. As for the specific cleaning method, please refer to the one described above.

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