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        Cashmere is not alkali resistant, cashmere yarn manufacturer tells cashmere sweater washing method

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        Cashmere is not alkali resistant, cashmere yarn manufacturer tells cashmere sweater washing method

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        cashmere yarn

        According to the difference of yarn thickness and shift line factor, the effect of skein is different. The thicker the yarn, the more the number of displacement coils, the stronger the twisting effect, and the stronger the style effect. Hank fabric is often used in combination with needle, rib and so on, and it is also widely seen in the market. The wool sweater wholesale network shown in Beijing color wool woven sweaters clothing using a combination of loose, plain, rib and kraepelini, embodies the leisure, leisurely style.

        8 details tell you how to distinguish sweaters and cashmere sweaters

        1. The arrangement of fine wool is thicker and thicker than cashmere, and its cashmere is bigger than cashmere.

        2. The curl of fine wool is greater than that of cashmere.

        3. The content of cortex of cashmere is higher than that of fine wool, and the rigidity of cashmere fiber is better than that of fine wool, that is, cashmere is softer than fine wool.

        4. Cashmere has stronger warmth retention than fine wool.

        5. The fineness of cashmere is smaller than that of fine wool, and the quality of its products is better than that of fine wool.

        6, cashmere density is smaller than that of fine wool, and its products are thinner than fine wool products.

        7. The acid and alkali resistance of fine wool is better than that of cashmere, and it is smaller than that of wool when oxidant and reductant are used.

        8, usually fine wool anti pilling of cashmere products than good, but felt great contraction.

        cashmere yarn

        Cashmere is not alkali resistant, so to use neutral detergent or soap washing. Wool fabric should shrink in water solution above 30 degrees, so the temperature of washing bath should not exceed 30 degrees. Detergent water solution is usually prepared at room temperature (25 C). Do not use washing washboard rubbing, which use the washing machine washing, should choose light wash, washing time should not be too long, to prevent the felting. Don't wring it after washing, remove it by hand, then drain it. It is advisable to use the washing machine for half a minute. Should be in a cool ventilated place to dry, not in strong sunlight exposure, prevent fabric gloss and elasticity, and cause strong decline.

        For more information about cashmere and cashmere yarn, please pay close attention to Bao Bao official website: http://www.hebeinoble.com/

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