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        Analysis of cashmere sweater pilling caused by cashmere sweater manufacturers

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        Analysis of cashmere sweater pilling caused by cashmere sweater manufacturers

        Release date:2021-07-19 Author: Clicks:

        cashmere sweater

        Cold winter, wearing a sweater cashmere sweater can prevent cold, not only feel smooth, comfortable, very warm. Cashmere is a kind of protein fiber, which is easily pulled and deformed, so we must pay attention to it when we wear and clean. Cashmere sweater maintenance notes, cashmere sweaters do not exposure, to be placed in well ventilated place to dry naturally. Cashmere sweater does not wear, it should be stacked neatly placed in the wardrobe, try not to hang, but also put camphor balls in the wardrobe to prevent moth eaten.

        The common problems of cashmere sweater, cashmere sweater pilling slightly is a normal phenomenon, our company in the factory after the cashmere sweater pilling test strictly, cashmere sweater manufacturers comply with the provisions of the national textile industry standard FZ/T73009-1997, first in more than three ball series quasi factory.

        The causes of pilling of cashmere sweater are mainly due to the analysis of cashmere sweater manufacturers:

        1, the process of wearing friction much easy pilling, such as chest, elbows, with mobile phone, BP site.

        2, wear a hard outer coat, and cashmere sweater directly caused by friction.

        3, consumers improper washing, texturing or felting caused.

        4, long time excessive wear, make the fiber long-term friction, cause fiber excessive fatigue, such as playing mahjong overnight, for several days in cashmere sweater for strenuous exercise, etc..

        5, our individual products due to density, yarn quality problems caused.

        6, "Bao Bao cashmere" company has more than ten years of cashmere production management experience, strong technical force, well-equipped. The company product purchase of raw materials directly from the pastoral areas, hand washing, classification, selection of carding processing, testing and formed a complete and strict line, to ensure that the products of pure cashmere. The white and purple cashmere produced by the combing factory of our company contains high cashmere rate, and the products meet or exceed the national standard.

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