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        Cashmere factory wool belongs to protein fiber

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        Cashmere factory wool belongs to protein fiber

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        The electric resistance of cashmere fiber, conductive ability, wearing clothes in the fiber, mutual friction, resulting in fiber aggregation to produce electrostatic charge, the phenomenon of high dielectric constant fiber with positive charge and negative charge. Such as chemical fiber and cashmere friction, chemical fiber with negative charge, cashmere fiber with positive charge. Unlike charges, the fibers attract each other, creating fabric pilling, which is especially severe when the weather is dry.

        Cashmere factory wool belongs to protein fiber, its main properties:

        1., good elasticity, not easy to wrinkle, has a good feel and soft luster, and has the velvet sex.

        2. moisture absorption is good, but after the wet plasticity becomes large, poor elasticity, reduce the type of maintenance, so general wool clothing should be dry cleaned, not wet washed.

        3. acid resistance is not alkali, so washing wool products should avoid using alkaline detergent.

        4. is sensitive to oxidants, especially chlorine oxidizing agents, which will make it yellow and reduce its strength. Therefore, wool can not be bleached with bleach or washed with detergent powder containing bleach.

        5. wool is inferior to cotton in heat resistance. Do not use boiling water at first, the ironing temperature is 160 degrees - 180 degrees, the best time in the middle with a damp cloth.

        6. villi are thinner than ordinary wool, mostly cling to the growth of the epidermis of animals. It has excellent properties of fine, light, soft and good warmth retention. It is a kind of high grade clothing material, but it is expensive and low strength. Cashmere wool, cashmere sweater, cashmere content is notmore than 30% of cashmere will play the excellent characteristics of cashmere.

        According to the Chinese 1436 cashmere cashmere brand, because will fall off in spring warming, natural adaptation to climate. Therefore, the season of cashmere collection is spring every year. When the goat hair is removed, the cashmere is captured on the goat body with a special iron comb, which is called cashmere.

        As one of the most important raw materials of cashmere sweater, the quality of cashmere is directly linked to the clothing warmth retention and pricing. Even if cashmere sweaters manufacturers will mark the cashmere content of different products, the cashmere quality can not be directly reflected.

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