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        Cashmere sweater knitting yarn manufacturers are generally divided into (the wool) and knitted wool (referred to as knitting) two

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        Cashmere sweater knitting yarn manufacturers are generally divided into (the wool) and knitted wool (referred to as knitting) two

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        cashmere sweater

        Cashmere sweater and friction between the East and the west is easy to play static pilling, so close to wear cashmere sweater underwear as smooth as possible, and the lining of the inside as smooth as possible. Washing cashmere sweater can not be soaked in the lotion for a long time. The collection must be cleaned up, cashmere sweater to be folded flat bag, avoid hanging, so as not to drape deformation, and other products are not mixed with bags, stored away from light, ventilated and dry place, storage note prohibited moth, moth proofing agent in direct contact with the cashmere sweaters.

        Cashmere wool knitting yarn manufacturers are generally divided into (the wool) and knitted wool (the knitting wool) two categories, the number of shares, and the number of special use as the standard to distinguish. Wool: the number of shares is more than three shares (including three shares), but the number of shares in more than 6 (including 6 branches) is wool. Knitted velvet: the number of shares is two shares, the number of joint stock in less than 6, or finished as a single strand, specifically for knitting processing three users, are knitted velvet.

        Cashmere sweater production process, selection of raw cashmere cashmere suede - wash (washed cashmere), carding, dyeing, wool cashmere carding machine, gas, roving, spinning, winding, doubling, twisting, weaving, knitting machine, inspection and examination, a hand sewn, checking, felting, dehydration, drying, ironing, pinning, finished product inspection and packaging and storage.

        There are many kinds of cashmere knitwear, including pure spinning and blending, combing and carding, monochrome and jacquard, and so on. They are different from fiber content, appearance style, color, flower shape and so on. Consumers should choose suitable products according to their own preferences and ability to consume.

        Product identification is an effective way to understand and select products, and also a guide to the correct use of products. The choice of products, be sure to check the product label, understand the basic situation of the product, in addition to the contents of the product name, name and address of the manufacturer, specifications, sizes, standard numbers, fiber composition and content, certification, quality grade, washing method etc.. In particular, to understand the basic safety category of the product, to confirm whether the wearing conditions of the product meet their own needs, such as wear or wear the external wear.

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