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      Cashmere yarn manufacturers in the production of static electricity will produce a lot of side effects, can cause fiber wrapped roller and other failures

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      Cashmere yarn manufacturers in the production of static electricity will produce a lot of side effects, can cause fiber wrapped roller and other failures

      Release date:2021-06-21 Author: Clicks:

      Cashmere yarn

      Cashmere yarn yarn manufacturers is a non free end is pulled to the new yarn, yarn with two twisting through the reciprocating motion of the Luo, when the yarn is attached tightly on the parallel, detwist rotary force each other, twisted yarn.

      The yarn twist is uneven, and there is no twist section on a yarn, so the yarn strength is low. It is suitable for producing wool yarn and chemical fiber yarn, and is suitable for fancy fabric and suede fabric.

      In the production of static electricity will have great side effects, can cause fiber wrapped roller faults; workshop humidity is too large or too small are not suitable for the production of cashmere products, to select the appropriate temperature and humidity, reduce static electricity; the other in different seasons, such as summer and autumn, the temperature and humidity of workshop to make the appropriate adjustments, in order to meet the requirements of production.

      Cashmere yarn

      Cashmere counts were 26 branches, 27 branches, 28 branches, 48 branches, 56 branches, 60 branches and 80 branches. Among them, 26 and 28 belong to domestic cashmere, 26 are relatively poor, and 28 are better. Italy cashmere imports are 27, 48, 56, 60, 80 branches. 27 belong to coarse cashmere, 48 are fine cashmere, 56, 60 and 80 belong to high fine spinning cashmere, and high strength fine spinning cashmere single features are: anti pilling, fine, warm. Cashmere fabrics are used in general international brands.

      Fancy yarn in strength, wear resistance than ordinary yarn is strong, easy to pilling and hook wire, but the appearance is better than ordinary yarn, can manufacture all kinds of flower type, color collocation and novel appearance. Fancy yarn can be processed with clothing materials, such as business line, all kinds of yarn dyed female flowers, and can be made of decorative materials, such as a variety of hand knitting yarn, windows and other decorative fabric, fabric flower type prominent, three-dimensional sense of strong, unique style.

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