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        Cashmere sweater factory cashmere and wool maintenance: dry cleaning, hand washing

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        Cashmere sweater factory cashmere and wool maintenance: dry cleaning, hand washing

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        No matter that kind of cashmere sweater knitting made out of cashmere sweaters in the key to this washing process, adjust the components with insufficient time to grasp, not to process insufficiency, the hot do not directly affect the specification of cashmere sweater or damage effect.

        Cashmere wool and cashmere sweater factory maintenance: a dry cleaning, dry cleaning because of good protection of cashmere, fleece and variant is not easy. Hand wash, 30 degrees warm water, put a small amount of washing powder in the water bubbles will not exceed 5 minutes, do not hand rub, and then after the water softener, and then with warm water after 3-5 minutes dry or dried OK. Never avoid drying in the sun and washing machines.

        Refers to the original cashmere cashmere fabrics produced in Kashmir, now refers to the fine texture of fine wool fabric.

        In fact, cashmere worsted cashmere yarn is popular in the folk is not the true sense of cashmere, but is a kind of chemical fiber products, warm and relatively poor. According to the area name, known as cashmere.

        Nylon (solid wear-resistant) is characterized by strong wear resistance, is the best one. The fabric density is small, light, good elasticity, resistance to fatigue damage, chemical stability is good, the biggest drawback is not acid alkali resistance to sunlight is not good for drying fabrics will become yellow, the decrease of strength and moisture absorption is not good, but better than acrylic, polyester. Purpose: multi filament, used for knitting and silk industry; staple, mostly with wool or wool blend, Hua Dane, Tiffany etc.. Industry: cords and fishing nets, carpets, ropes, belts, screens, etc..

        According to the introduction, the cashmere Festival, the organizers launched high-quality cashmere sweaters, cashmere pants, cashmere underwear, cashmere scarves, cashmere shawls, cashmere bedding products, suitable for all ages, can meet the requirements of all ages. All the products are made of high quality cashmere in Erdos Area and fine spinning from international leading technology.

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