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        Naibao cashmere sweater factory common yarn, organizational structure, model

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        Naibao cashmere sweater factory common yarn, organizational structure, model

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        cashmere sweater

        Cashmere  sweater factory is very valuable, not only because of the scarcity of production (accounted for only 0.2% of the total output of the world animal fiber), more important is the quality and characteristics of trade in price. About 70% of the world's cashmere is produced in China, and its quality is superior to that of other countries.

        1. cashmere sweater production process:

        To choose to wash raw cashmere cashmere cashmere (wash cashmere), carding, dyeing, wool cashmere carding machine, gas, roving, spinning, winding, doubling, twisting, weaving, knitting machine, inspection and examination, a hand sewn, checking, felting, dewatering, drying, ironing, book trademark and product inspection, packaging and storage.

        2. cashmere sweater Jomi Sa, organization structure, vehicle type:

        (1) Jomi Sa: 24S/2, 26S/2, 28S/2, and 24S*2, 26S*2, 68S/3, 80S/3 and so on.

        (2) common organizational structure: Plain (widely used in ordinary, cashmere trousers), rib (commonly used in hem cuffs, neckline, etc.), cross stitch, pumping, single and double chain stitch, cardigan stitch (Dan Yuanbao group), pull flower tissue, jacquard (jacquard and jacquard).

        (3) common models: cashmere sweater knitting needle used: 7 pin -12 pin; worsted cashmere sweater knitting needle used: 14 pin, 16 pin, 18 pin, equipment manual flat knitting machine, jacquard machine, computer automatic manual knitting machine.

        The quality of cashmere siro spinning breakage due to processing, Sirospun is composed of two spaced strand feeding drafting zone, respectively, after drawing twisting yarn, two strands of a stock after decapitation another run single yarn, and no ends in spinning tension under steady caused by wrong yarn, in order to ensure the quality of spinning, Siro spinning yarn to add interrupt device, a device can be interrupted after decapitation another single yarn break.

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