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        Cashmere yarn manufacturers have told reporters that, for the cashmere goat breeding is still a lack of healthy and orderly push

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        Cashmere yarn manufacturers have told reporters that, for the cashmere goat breeding is still a lack of healthy and orderly push

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        cashmere yarn

        Cashmere yarn manufacturer; the largest amount of wool used in textile wool fibers; often referred to as wool. Wool fiber is longer than cotton fiber, has a certain crimp, and its surface is covered with a layer of scales. Due to the presence of scales, wool gives a special property, namely, felting.

        Felting refers to the fact that wool is rubbed and kneaded in warm water and washing liquid. In life, it is one of the reasons that shrinkage of the wool products is caused by shrinkage after washing and the density becomes larger. If the scale is broken and the surface is smooth and smooth, the woolen products will not shrink. As a result, machine washable woolen sweaters sold on the market are subjected to this kind of surface treatment.

        Washing clothes string color is relatively easy to happen. Some fading clothes and other clothes are washed together. When the clothes are washed, the dye that falls off the clothes is stained with water to other clothes to form a whole pollution. Contaminated clothing is a whole and more evenly changed color, color trace without outline and boundaries, this is string color. String color is most likely to occur when washing clothes is used by washing machines. The color of the string of clothing, generally infected with lighter colors, and more uniform, dye and clothing combination is not so solid, so most are easy to remove.

        Someone in charge of cashmere yarn manufacturers told reporters, at present for cashmere goat breeding is the lack of promoting the healthy and orderly, in recent years there have been wantonly raise the price of cashmere goat, the price will not change the situation of goat meat.

        cashmere yarn

        Cashmere yarn manufacturers

        Wild silk: many types of tussah silk, common castor silk, the silk, Zhang silk, silk days. Its tussah silk as the main product, but also the earliest silk used in china. Its strength to Bussang silk, corrosion resistance, light resistance, moisture absorption and so on also Bussang silk, but its fineness difference is big, often on the natural color silk reeling, more difficult, more impurities, suitable for thick fabric, some of the good quality of the wire can be made thin fabric.

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