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      1. Cashmere

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        Cashmere fiber is made up of scales and layers of cortex

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        Cashmere fiber is made up of scales and layers of cortex

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        The manufacturer of cashmere fiber is composed of cuticle and cortex layer scales has a certain height and thickness, some edge sawtooth shaped like barbs, easily in the process of wearing fiber collusion and stick around, produce pilling phenomenon.

        The length, fineness, crimp of cashmere fiber technology is the important characteristics of the Australian wool and cashmere fineness, compared to small, short length, curl number is less, so the fiber in the yarn holding force is small, exposed more hairiness, plus fiber smooth slip from the fabric under the action of external force arising out of cashmere pilling.

        Main physical properties of cashmere:

        (1): crimp properties of cashmere cashmere and fine wool is often curl, curl approximately semi-circular, cashmere has curly characteristic better, so the cashmere product has the characteristics of plump, soft with good elasticity.

        (2) the moisture absorption properties of cashmere: a polar base containing many cashmere fibers in the molecular structure, morphological structures inside the fiber has many small gaps, can accommodate large amounts of water, and cashmere fibers with strong hygroscopicity.

        (3) the electrical properties of cashmere cashmere fiber due to light, short and structure reasons, its resistance value is slightly higher than that in the processing of wool, or take in the process of mutual friction caused by the charge transfer at the surface, because the electrostatic voltage of cashmere fiber insulation electric produced is not high, it is very difficult to produce the charge dissipation and accumulation in the fiber, resulting in larger electrostatic.


        Cashmere factory

        Wool is one of the earliest natural fibers used in textiles. 4000 years ago the prehistoric (Neolithic) began to use, wool fiber is soft and elastic, wavy natural curls, can be used in the manufacture of wool, wool, blanket, felt and other living and industrial supplies, the material has feel rich, warm and good, comfortable to wear characteristics. Wool textile in the narrow sense often refers specifically to sheepwool. Sheep wool according to the use of textile value, by the fineness and length of fine wool, sheep wool, long wool, hybrid hair and wool and other 5 categories.

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