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        In order to give full play to the features of cashmere sweater, cashmere cashmere plants are specially equipped with cashmere

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        In order to give full play to the features of cashmere sweater, cashmere cashmere plants are specially equipped with cashmere

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        As we all know, cashmere sweater is characterized by thin fiber, soft and slippery products. Cashmere manufacturers in order to make the full play, the fulling process was set up in the process, this process is one of the part of fiber yarn shrinkage, surface coverage in cashmere sweater organization, the soft suede; if too small, will feel very bad.

        Why cashmere sweater pilling phenomenon?

        In daily life, people have a prejudice that cashmere sweaters are a quality problem as long as they are pilling. In fact, cashmere sweater can not afford a penalty is impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to have a layer of fluff on the surface of cashmere sweater. Under these conditions, we can see that, as long as contact with cashmere sweater and friction, the surface of the villi will be intertwined with each other, become spherical. Under normal circumstances, the local ball can be cut with scissors, it will not affect the wearing effect. The pilling of cashmere sweater is stipulated in the national standard up to 3. It is a qualified product. Please feel free to buy it.


        Wear as much outside as possible against hard objects (such as sleeves and tabletop, sleeves and sofa armrests, back and couch friction for the length of time), and strong pull hard hooks. Prevent contact with corrosive substances. Wear time should not be too long, 10d or so pay attention to intermittent, so that it can restore resilience, so as not to fiber fatigue, if there are two pieces can rotate, wear, do not wear, should hang in the ventilation dry place.

        The person in charge of the event introduced the Rongheng cashmere, cashmere products meet the various levels of consumer demand, "cashmere underwear light and comfortable, warm and good, very suitable for female beauty; and the Rongheng cashmere sweater design fashion high collocation carefulspinningandweaving, is the pursuit of fashion and comfort women and enjoy the ideal choose the comfort of successful man. The pure cashmere yarn woven cashmere pants, trousers and the thickening of computer double pants with woolen knitting process, knees and waist are double thick design, is the elderly for the winter."

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