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      1. Cashmere

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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

        Contact: Manager Men

        Tel: 13363799563

        Address: Qinghe Hebei city of Xingtai Province

        Now, the quality of cashmere sweater products is getting higher and higher, and the demand for worsted products is more and more

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        Now, the quality of cashmere sweater products is getting higher and higher, and the demand for worsted products is more and more

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        cashmere sweater

        Familiar with cashmere cashmere sweater factory of the people know that the skin, no fiber than the natural animal fiber of cashmere, cashmere is most suitable for the kind of soft creamy skin wear, like water like touch, only to get close to the skin of worsted cashmere is especially suitable for spring and summer close thin clothes.

        Cashmere is soft, refreshing and smooth, when the experience of weaving, knitting cardigan thin soft T-shirt, just like spring breeze, summer water, will eventually become obsessed with not to put it down.

        The free end of the yarn is in high-speed rotation of the rotor flow field in electrostatic field or the Fiber Cohesion and twisting yarn, twisting and winding the yarn by different parts, high efficiency, low cost. Air flow yarn, also called rotor spinning, uses air flow to condense the fiber into spinning rotor at high speed. The yarn structure is more fluffy, wearable, evenness and more bright than the ring spun yarn, but its strength is lower. Your are? Strong> yarn woven fabric is mainly used in bulk solid plain cloth, velvet feel good and knitwear.

        How to improve the pilling performance of the products, manufacturers should pay attention to the following aspects to reduce pilling of fabric:

        Control raw materials: first, the material should be chosen correctly. The wash is good, good fineness dispersion, the mutation rate is less than 24%; the length, uniformity of low rate of raw linters. For different products, different quality of raw materials, woolen fabrics, yarn low, short process, quality requirements of raw materials can be reduced.

        Now consumers of cashmere sweater factory product quality requirements more and more high, more and more demands on the worsted spinning products, and the process is long, the requirements on raw materials is very high, must choose high quality raw materials.

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