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      1. Cashmere

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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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        Address: Qinghe Hebei city of Xingtai Province

        Cashmere woolen yarn by manufacturers process short woolen spinning into yarn processing system

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        Cashmere woolen yarn by manufacturers process short woolen spinning into yarn processing system

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        The cashmere manufacturers of combed wool yarn fiber is thin, long and uniform quality wool as raw material, and made by spinning combed wool yarn, in parallel fibers evenness and smooth, for Hua Dane, Fan Liding, and Prince of worsted fabric.

        Many friends in the purchase of winter thermal products, cashmere sweater and sweater concept is very vague, I do not know whether sweater or cashmere sweater good? In fact, cashmere sweater and sweater are different, ask wool sweater or cashmere sweater is good, it is necessary to understand the difference between cashmere and wool in the end what is it?

        Wash it two or three times with warm water at 35 DEG C and 40 DEG C, and put some softener in the final water. The handle will be better. The washed cashmere sweater or squeeze the water into the bag, in the washing machine drum in the dehydration dehydration, then don't hang flat to dry to avoid deformation; dried their clothes, paving, trimming.

        Cashmere factoryCan be medium temperature (140 degrees Celsius) steam ironing head, ironing, leveling, hot. Press the head and cashmere sweater to keep 0.5 - 1CM distance, other irons must be put on wet towel. Cashmere sweater collection method: cashmere is a protein fiber, it is easy to be moth eaten, coupled with light and volatile, so attention should be paid when collecting:

        1. before collection, no matter how many times you wear it, you should wash it and dry it before you save it;

        2. fold, so as not to fold, do not overlap, do not hang up, so as not to drape deformation;

        3. the use of plastic bags into the suit, mothproofing agent, avoid direct contact with mothproofer cashmere products;

        4. please keep it in the light, ventilation and dry place.

        Cashmere woolen yarn by manufacturers processing short woolen yarn spinning system processed into yarn, fiber length irregularity, fiber is not straight, the structure of the evacuation, the surface piles, for overcoats, flannel and carpet.

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