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        The spinning process of cashmere sweater manufacturers

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        The spinning process of cashmere sweater manufacturers

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        Provisions on cashmere fiber content in the standard FZ/T73009-1997 of the national cashmere sweater manufacturer's textile industry:

        After adding the polyester fiber fiber combining more closely, the paper porosity is reduced when adding 9% polyester fiber paper with strength and good electrical performance, but has a certain effect on the thermal stability of paper. Polyvinyl alcohol fiber, namely polyvinyl alcohol formaldehyde carboxymethyl fiber, the English abbreviation for P VA, also referred to as Vigny Lun, vinylon. In 1924, German chemists Hermann, WO, and Hannel W were first made in the laboratory.

        Cashmere sweater cashmere sweater factory code and song: "word" is a substitute manufacturer, meaning that the thickness of the clothes is loose or knot, the knot is loose and code style designer, some styles is specially designed "code" node, a node (code of the cashmere sweater feel only silky feel, no loose and soft effect) some style is specially designed. The word "(the code too loose, loose sweater feel very soft, soft and smooth, but also will affect quality of the cashmere sweater)

        Cashmere spinning processing of cashmere short length, low strength, making a reasonable design to carding, ratio of process parameters, focusing on the protection of fiber length, reduce the damage of fiber and cashmere: should pay attention on water quality and wool oil agent selection, reasonable control of combed cashmere rate to fall: reasonable collocation raw materials, finished cashmere raw materials and final products used in combination, improve product performance and appearance index of the maximum.

        Cashmere sweater factory spinning process is: a mixed cashmere a one or two pin 13 pin 14 scalp needle spinning line with a roving winding a skein of yarn twisting a (dyeing).

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