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      1. Cashmere

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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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        At present, half worsted spinning technology of cashmere yarn manufacturers has been paid attention to by domestic major wool textile enterprises

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        At present, half worsted spinning technology of cashmere yarn manufacturers has been paid attention to by domestic major wool textile enterprises

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        cashmere yarn

        At present, cashmere yarn manufacturers semi combed spinning technology has been paid attention to by the domestic major wool textile enterprises, and they have invested financial and material resources for technical development, the use of equipment combinations and processes are also different.

        Every day after taking off the cashmere sweater, it should be tiled and put away, so that he can rest naturally and resume the prototype. Cashmere sweater can not be worn for a long time, or damage the fibrous structure of the tissue, and should pay attention to rest and maintenance.

        Customer service service in daily washing, should pay attention to wash the grease not sure to advance to the customer statement, signed by the customer before washing, for a small area of oil wash, should persuade them to professional laundry washing. Use wash: cashmere cashmere sweater special washing, hair lotion.

        Jacquard or multi colored cashmere sweater should not be soaked, and cashmere sweaters of different colors should not be washed together so as not to be stained. Rinse with water at about 30 degrees Celsius. After washing, the soft softener can be put into the handle according to the instructions, and the handle will be better. The washed cashmere sweater in the water out, then put into the net bag in the washing machine dehydration and drying. The dehydrated cashmere sweater tile in the table covered with towels, hand collated with the original size of shade, avoid hanging exposure. After the dried, available in temperature (140 DEG C) steam iron ironing, to keep 0.5-1cm distance and clothes, avoid pressure on it, no ironing by hand can be very flat finishing of cashmere.

        Naibao Co. Ltd based on the existing production equipment and process, add some necessary equipment, a large number of comparative tests and the whole renovation work, the implementation of the project to proceed, with the combination of wool and cotton combed out the theory and equipment, based on the theory of the drawingframe instead of gilling machine, to explore a set of semi worsted yarn technology route: ~ ~ and no Plush raw material gas for a hair dyeing comb (A186H carding machine) drawing four ~ (FA306A) ~ (FA458A) a roving spinning (319 Zinser transformation) ~ (steamed yarn winding) a double twist shaped a doubling.

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