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      1. Cashmere

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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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        Tel: 13363799563

        Address: Qinghe Hebei city of Xingtai Province

        Cashmere yarn; manufacturer analysis; water soluble polyvinyl alcohol fibre

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        Cashmere yarn; manufacturer analysis; water soluble polyvinyl alcohol fibre

        Release date:2020-12-14 Author: Clicks:

        cashmere yarn

        Cashmere yarn manufacturers first manual sorting of washed wool, and then manual sorting of cashmere feed into the release machine to further remove impurities.

        And wool: the loose cleaned wool is added with proper amount and crude oil to increase the softness and lubricity of the raw material, and to eliminate or minimize static electricity is beneficial to the next process.

        Circular carding: the wool and wool after the cycle of carding, this process gradually make cashmere fiber extension parallel, arranged in order, and improve uniformity.

        Spinning and weaving: spinning wool into roving by spinning machine, then making roving into required yarn, classifying yarn according to weight, and testing physical index of yarn according to technical index. Spinning with checked yarn. Packing and storage: the required yarn is packed by a packer and then stored.

        Cashmere manufacturer of water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol fiber; in 1939, Japan's Sakurada Ichiro and others will be the water soluble fiber treated with formaldehyde, polyvinyl alcohol formaldehyde carboxymethyl fiber had resistance to hot water, and in 1950 by the Coca Cola company and Li unitika companies realize industrialized production, brand name Vigny Lun [1 ~ 3]. Polyvinyl alcohol fiber is considered as a kind of synthetic fiber cotton with similar condition, the fiber strength, wear resistance, good moisture absorption, corrosion resistance, light resistance, especially the PVA fiber with high strength and high modulus as the rapid development of industrial raw materials, and its increasingly wide range of applications.

        The ball on the local little finger to gently pull, or with a small scissors to use the product, click on the brush down, a large area of pilling more, can be the first sweater flat on the flat on the desktop, with a brush to brush the dust stitch, the fabric stretched taut, gently vertical electric suction with a special electric razor, shave the ball.

        Thus, cashmere sweater pilling has nothing to do with the quality of cashmere sweater itself. It is caused by inherent attributes of cashmere fiber. The cashmere sweater reminds you to take good care of your cashmere sweater!

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