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        Cashmere sweater manufacturers to introduce what kind of hemp and cotton of the same nature?

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        Cashmere sweater manufacturers to introduce what kind of hemp and cotton of the same nature?

        Release date:2020-12-08 Author: Clicks:

        cashmere sweater

        Cashmere sweater or cashmere sweater and wool and cashmere of the difference: from the appearance of distinction, cashmere has a soft natural color, feel waxy. Compared with wool, cashmere is soft, pure and lustrous.

        If the string of color clothing is cotton, hemp or chemical fiber, can use very light bleaching process.

        Hemp and cotton have some of the same properties:

        1, moisture absorption is strong, alkali resistant, non acid.

        2, heat resistance is better, ironing temperature up to 190 degrees - 210 degrees, easy to burn.

        3, strength is higher than cotton, hemp fiber is hard, weak sex is poor, fabric is easy to wrinkle, harder than cotton fabric, very cool. The grass is southerners love to wear the ramie fabric, after sweating stickless. Ramie is the best quality fiber in hemp fiber. It has the characteristics of cool, moisture absorption, breathability and so on. It is of high rigidity, hard, tough and close fitting. It is suitable for making summer clothes. Ramie and polyester blended processing, with "hemp Dacron" very cool style.

        This paper mainly studies the polyester fiber on the polyimide fiber paper base material strength properties, electrical properties, heat resistance and paper surface structure, aimed at the development of high performance polyimide fiber paper base material to lay a certain theoretical basis. With the increase of the amount of polyester fiber, the fiber bonding force increased, the tensile index and elongation of the paper gradually increased, while the tear index decreased gradually.

        Cashmere sweater factory has synthetic fibers made of the mixture of high temperature resistance and electrical insulation properties of high temperature resistant insulating paper. Adding a certain proportion of polyester fiber in papermaking process of polyimide fiber in paper, can not only improve the strength of paper, but also occurred in the hot pressing process of melting to improve fiber bonding force, improve the electrical properties of paper.

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