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        Cashmere yarn density test index

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        Cashmere yarn density test index

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        Cashmere yarn

        According to the measurement of yarn density of fabric machine, the method of measuring yarn linear density is studied in this paper. That the yarn linear density of the known name, can according to the standards and measurement of yarn tension straight, stretched length and quality, finally calculated according to the formula for the linear density of yarn; yarn linear density of the unknown name, should first estimate the yarn density, change calculated straight tension, and then stretched length and quality the measurement and calculation of linear density. The test results show that this method can accurately detect the yarn density in knitted fabric, thus filling the deficiency of line density measurement of different kinds of yarn in the textile standard.

        1 overview yarn linear density is one of the commonly used specifications to describe yarn thickness. The legal unit is tex (Tex), that is, the weight (g) of every kilometre (km) yarn (or monofilament). The yarn linear density determines the varieties, uses, styles and physical and mechanical properties of fabrics. The yarn density test of cashmere yarn manufacturers should determine the length and quality of the sample, in which the length measuring frame type length measuring instrument, the equal arm balance or the electronic balance are used for the quality measurement.

        2 objectives and requirements

        Through the test, grasp the yarn linear density test method, cultivate skilled ability to use the instrument, understand the influence factors of yarn linear density test results, and learn the calculation method of each index.

        3 adopt standards

        3.1 use standards: GB/T 4743, ISO 2060.2, textile coil, yarn, yarn density determination, skein method

        3.2 standards: GB 6529 "textile conditioning and testing standard atmosphere" and GB/T 9995 "textile materials - Determination of moisture content and oven drying method", GB/T 9994 "textile materials moisture regains," GB/T 6503 "synthetic filament test method for moisture regain," GB /T 6502 "synthetic fiber the sampling method, 10035 FZ/T" filament "textile materials marked line density of the general system (Tex System)", FZ/T 01015, ISO 6741-1 "textile fiber and yarn delivery business quality determination of quality measurement and calculation" etc..

        4 instruments and appliances

        4.1 yarn length measuring instrument (Figure 1 is YG086 type yarn length measuring instrument).

        4.2 ventilation type quick oven (Figure 2 is Y802K type type quick drying oven), chain balance or electronic balance (sensitivity is 1mg or 10mg).

        5 principle

        Yarn length measuring instrument controlled by single chip microcomputer, can be set to take around the laps, each lap (yarn box perimeter) a meter, pre tension can be adjusted, the instrument after the start of motor drives the yarn frame to rotate, required to take certain length of yarn around (a), by ray weighing as samples. Then, the winding yarn is dried by the ventilation type quick oven, and the sample is weighed in the box. Finally, the yarn density is calculated according to the measured quality.

        6 sampling

        1, in order to prevent the change of sample moisture regain, samples are taken by random sampling. A production enterprise shall, according to the needs of the test cycle in the factory and the quantity of the same kind of equipment, arrange samples reasonably according to the principle of "universal monitoring within a period".

        2 the number of trade samples can be extracted according to the standards of the product or the relevant agreements. In the absence of such standards, the accuracy and probability level of the test results should be calculated and determined by mathematical statistics.

        7 sample

        1 cashmere yarn factory tested at least 4 parents yarn package, at least 10 rolls of spun yarn. At least 1 strands of yarn are rolled in each roll.

        2 in order to calculate the coefficient of linear density variation, at least 20 specimens should be measured.

        8 environment and amendment

        The standard atmosphere for humidity control and testing is based on the two grade standard specified in GB 6529, and the 14 amendment in the non-standard atmosphere according to the "four oven method for moisture content of textile materials" or according to the product standards. The sample shall be placed in the standard atmosphere for pre conditioning, at a time of no less than 4h, and then exposed to the standard atmospheric 24h in the test, or exposed to at least 30min, with a quality change not greater than 0.1%.

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