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        Characteristics of linen cotton blended yarn fabric produced by cashmere yarn manufacturers

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        Characteristics of linen cotton blended yarn fabric produced by cashmere yarn manufacturers

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        Linen cotton blended fabric has advantages of natural fiber, linen style, pure cotton texture, crease resistance and draping. It is a rare blend of products in recent years. This cloth is made of linen / cotton and 55/45 blended yarn, woven with rapier weave on rapier loom. She wears comfortable, drape does not wrinkle, feel soft, pure color, easy care, taking advantage of good to please our customers heart. The width of the cloth cover is 63 inches, suitable for making fashionable clothes, suits, etc., and the upper body is elegant and fashionable, and the vigor of the youth is added.

        Is the present width fabric yarn longitudinal thin cotton fabric fine stripes, named as feel very cool.

        Factory production of cashmere yarn yarn has the characteristics of clear stripes, thin breathable and comfortable.

        Using a variety of cotton yarn or fiber blended yarn, common yarn for cotton or polyester cotton fabric. Longitude and latitude is 19. 5 ~ 13tex (30 ~ 45 British branch) yarn; twist factor configuration, 380 ~ 400 by 285 ~ 310, latitude, which can keep the fabric very cool; the ordinary yarn organization for many weft flat (plain change, see Figure), warp tension was generally 40% ~ 55% and weft tightness is 45% ~ 55%.

        Weaving yarn, can change the technical conditions of production process, develop the special appearance effect of varieties. The common yarn weaving process and "fine plain" is similar, but in passing when a fully organized species through a dent in the same warp, two warp should be in single through the menopause tablets and heald, so you can keep two strips straight, not twisted warp, so as not to affect the appearance.

        Linen fabric due to the organizational structure, the weft shrinkage is to, in addition to strengthening the dyeing and finishing of mercerized should be widened, to be improved, sewing clothes should pay attention to keeping a room. The durability of the very cool after finishing, can further reflect the style and characteristics of the hemp fabric. Yarn products are bleached, variegated and printed three. Variegated yarn bleaching and can be used as a shirt and reversible jacket men and women, old and young, printed haircord women and children summer jacket or dress clothing.

        As a manufacturer of ten years of experience in the production and sale of yarn, no matter what kind of customer you are, yarn, yarn and yarn will meet you with the most sincere attitude. And a large number of inventory and cooperation of the logistics company, so that your goods can arrive in your hands in a timely and safe manner.

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