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        How does cashmere yarn become a component of strategic emerging industries?

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        How does cashmere yarn become a component of strategic emerging industries?

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         cashmere yarn

        Now the social development is more and more advanced, people's requirements for clothes is becoming more and more fashionable, personalized, the advantages of blended yarn is through more than two different types of fiber have the opportunity to learn from each other, with advantages of coexistence, meet the different requirements of clothing.

        Now, the textile industry to become the growth adjusted the structure of the industry in the new technology, new business environment, how to become a part of strategic emerging industries, high-tech industry how to go beyond the textile across the field, has become a new topic. China is a big textile country in the world. The biggest gap lies in the gap in the application of industrial textiles." Li Ling Shen yue.

        Li Lingshen introduced, industrial cashmere yarn factory home textiles biggest feature is through specially designed, with engineering structure, used in special application areas of textiles. "Textiles for health, filtration textiles, textile transportation, geo textiles, textile reinforced structure, construction, security, agriculture, textiles, packaging, wire rope, all belong to the industrial textile." Li Ling Shen yue.

        The textile consumption market at home and abroad contains new development space." Li Ling Shen yue. In 2015, the proportion of fiber processing in clothing, home textiles and industrial textiles was 51, 29 to 20 in 2010, and adjusted to 46.6, 25.3 to 28.1.

        According to the 13th Five-Year textile planning, population growth and economic recovery will support global fiber consumption demand is expected to continue to grow, "13th Five-Year" during the global fiber consumption growth averaged more than 2.5%. With the steady growth of domestic infrastructure construction, environmental management, medical and health care, the industrial cashmere yarn factory, household textile fiber consumption will continue to grow rapidly.

        Li Lingshen said that the category of industrial textiles is the largest medical and health care, including medical textiles and health textiles, now a huge market demand, for example, China is now the market penetration of disposable surgical clothes only 5% to 7%, while the United States 90 percent, Europe and Japan in 70 and 80%".

        At the same time, haze filtration technology industry is developing very fast, become the field of development and rapid progress; the rapid development of national defense and military, both for industrial textiles industry has brought great progress, future development toward high performance, multifunction, comfortable, light, modularization, seriation forward; the development of the automobile industry brought by the prosperity of textile transportation, transportation to meet the European standard, the American Standard Recyclable in more and more textile.

        "" 13th Five-Year "period, there are five major tasks of textile science and technology development, one of which is the basis of research, this is very important for us, especially the new materials industry, now we still lack basic research in key technology and advanced technology, also need to add Dayan hair also need to optimize the efforts of collaborative innovation of science and technology system, strengthen the construction of supporting system of standard."

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