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      1. Cashmere

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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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        Cashmere mills produce many kinds of cashmere yarn

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        Cashmere mills produce many kinds of cashmere yarn

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        cashmere yarn


        What is cashmere yarn? For you to detail, cashmere yarn is called "soft gold" cashmere yarn, compared with wool yarn, cashmere yarn has a soft, thin and warm features, wearable. The strength of cashmere yarn depends on the cohesion and friction between the fibers. If the shape of fiber and placed the situation bad, there is a circle, bending, folding, twisting fiber, equivalent to short fiber length, weakened the contact degree of fiber, so prone to slip between fibers, decreased cashmere yarn strength.

        A single yarn is a yarn that is twisted with only one strand of fiber. It can be spun from a raw material into pure spinning, which forms a pure fabric and can be made from two or more than two ingredients, thus forming a blended fabric.

        Stock line

        A strand is made up of two or more single yarns twisted together. The strength and wear resistance of the yarn is better than that of the single yarn. At the same time, the strands can also according to a certain way of partnership and twisting, get second strands, three strands, such as double stranded wire and stranded wire. It is mainly used for sewing thread, knitting thread or medium strong fabric.

        The monofilament produced by cashmere yarn manufacturers is made up of a filament. Its diameter depends on the thickness of the filament. Generally used only for thin fabric or knitted fabric, such as nylon socks, veil towels and so on.

        Textured yarn

        Textured yarns produced by cashmere mills are deformed by synthetic fibers, which are twisted from straight to curly, also known as textured or processed yarns. Textured yarns include high elastic yarns, low textured yarns, bulky yarns, and web yarns.

        High stretch yarn

        High stretch yarn or high elastic textured yarn has high flexibility and bulkiness. Mainly used in stretch fabric, mainly nylon, high stretch yarn.

        Low stretch yarn

        Low stretch yarn or textured stretch yarn has moderate flexibility and bulkiness. It is mainly used for knitting fabrics, and polyester is made of low elastic silk.

        Bulk yarn

        Bulked yarn has low flexibility and high bulkiness. Mainly used for knitting wool, underwear or outerwear fabrics require good bulkiness, which is typical of acrylic bulked yarn, also known as cashmere.

        Network yarn

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