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        Cashmere yarn introduction

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        Cashmere yarn introduction

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        Cashmere yarn


        Cashmere yarn manufacturer's yarn is divided into short fiber yarn, short fiber (NATURAL staple or chemical fiber cut fiber), cashmere yarn manufacturers by spinning processing, sub ring yarn, free end spinning, self twisting yarn, etc.. Continuous filament, such as natural silk and synthetic filament, divided by twist or twist, smooth filament or deformed filament, etc.. Staple fiber and continuous filament yarn, such as polyester cotton filament core yarn and so on. The thread is made of two strands or two strands of single yarn and twisted together.

        Wool fiber is soft and elastic, can be used for making cloth, wool, blanket, felt and other living and industrial textiles. Wool products have the features of full feel, good warmth retention and comfortable wearing. Sheep wool occupies a large proportion in textile raw materials. Countries with large sheep wool production in the world include Australia, the former Soviet Union, New Zealand, Argentina, China and so on. Sheep wool is divided into 5 categories: fine wool, semi fine wool, long wool, hybrid wool and coarse wool according to fineness and length.

        The yarn fineness of cashmere yarn manufacturers that have a variety of methods, such as number, metric number, imperial count, Dan Neal etc. (see number). The twist of a yarn is expressed by the number of turns per metre or inch. The reverse direction is divided into S twist and Z twist. Within a certain twist range, the strength of the yarn increases with the twist. The twist of the single yarn and the twist of the strands are chosen according to the use of the strands.

        In general, single yarns and strands are twisted in opposite directions, i.e., ZS or SZ. There is an optimum ratio of twist between single yarn and strand. In this range, the strength of the strands increases with the twist of the strands, and the strength of the strands decreases when the critical value exceeds the critical value. Fiber properties and spinning methods play a decisive role in the performance of yarns. Ring yarn twisting in the process, because the fibers transfer from the inner layer to the outer layer of yarn, then from outer to inner, repeatedly transfer fiber yarn around the axis, helical and helical radius along the axial direction alternately increase or decrease. At this time, fibers of longer length tend toward the axis of the yarn, and fibers with shorter length tend to the outer layers of the yarn. A thin fiber tending toward the axis of a yarn; fineness of coarse fiber toward the outer layer of the yarn. The fibers with lower initial modulus are more located in the outer layer, and fibers with large initial modulus are more located in the inner layer.

        Cashmere yarn manufacturers choose different fiber reasonably, they can be spun into different styles of yarn, which can be used for different fabrics or improve wearability. Because the chemical fiber can choose the length, the fineness and the fiber section shape arbitrarily, the clothing fabric should choose the fiber slightly thick, the short length chemical fiber and the cotton blend, in order to increase the yarn surface the wool shape feeling. Underwear fabrics should be made of a slightly longer fiber with a slightly longer length, so that cotton fibers in the outer layer of the yarn, in order to improve moisture absorption and comfortable wearing.

        The free end spinning include air spinning, electrostatic spinning, vortex spinning yarn, because when twisting fibers transfer less than the yarn core and the outer layer, the tight loose, loose structure, fiber straightness, fiber cohesion, yarn strength is low, but the stain resistance and wear resistance good. The yarn made from self twist spinning is also called self twist yarn. It uses twisted roller to produce periodic positive and reverse false twist. The yarn has periodic no twist point, so it has a lower strength, and it will be woven after being plied.

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