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        How to distinguish cashmere wool and acrylic Plush?

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        How to distinguish cashmere wool and acrylic Plush?

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        Acrylic fabric: acrylic fiber can also be called "artificial wool", characterized by softness. Acrylic is a feeling quite good material, the appearance of bright color, its cost is relatively low, far less than the wool and cotton, but has a very good performance of acrylic restoration, not easy to deformation, much stronger than cotton. Uses: mainly used for civilian acrylic, pure spinning can be blended, made of wool, wool, blanket, sportswear is also available: artificial fur, plush, yarn, hose, Parasol Cloth etc..

        Acrylic fiber features: acrylic fiber has the reputation of synthetic wool, its elasticity and bulkiness similar to natural wool. As a result, the warmth of the fabric is not under the wool fabric, or even about 15% higher than that of the wool fabric. Acrylic fiber advantages: 1, good elasticity: elasticity is much better than wool, in the case of elongation of 20%, the rebound rate can still be maintained at around 65%. 2, warm: acrylic fabrics in warm up than wool, acrylic fiber shape fluffy curly, hand feels very soft, so warm than wool fabric is much better, once a "synthetic wool" said. 3, high strength: acrylic fabric strength than wool should be high, at present, acrylic fiber strength in 22.1 ~ 48.5cN/dtex or so, and wool than acrylic fabric low on 1 to 2.5 times the degree. 4, fast: anti sun acrylic fiber is very strong, fast performance, if you put the acrylic fiber placed in the sun exposure, will not have a problem, have shown that the use of acrylic fabric made of the items in the sun for a year, its strength only less 20%, visible in how high. ...

        Cashmere has irregular, thin, deep curls consisting of scales and layers of cortex.  There is no wool pulp, coarse hair is mostly hairy pith. Cashmere, scale density 60~70 / mm; fiber diameter is smaller than fine wool.

        (-) sensory method

        1 pure cotton fabric: soft luster, soft feel, poor elasticity, easy to fold. When the material is loosened by hand, visible folds are visible and the creases are not easily restored. From a few selvage wire yarn twist watch, fiber length.

        2, viscose cotton (including artificial cotton, cotton fiber cloth): soft shiny cloth surface, bright colors, smooth and smooth, soft feel, poor elasticity. After the cloth is squeezed tightly by hand, the obvious crease can be seen, and the crease can not be easily restored.

        3, polyester cotton is cotton cloth: luster bright, smooth cloth, clean without impurities or waste. Feel smooth, crisp and elastic than pure cotton good. When the material is squeezed tightly and loosened, the crease is not obvious and easy to restore to the original condition.

        4, pure wool worsted fabric: fabric with smooth surface, fine textured clear. The luster is soft and natural, and the colour is pure. Soft and elastic. Squeeze the surface with your hands, loosen the crease, and return to the original condition quickly. Most of the double yarn.

        5, pure wool: face plump, texturecloselythick. The surface is fine and fine, and the weave is usually invisible. Feel warm, plump and elastic. The yarn is mostly single yarn with thick branches.

        6, cashmere manufacturers of polyester wool fabric with wool fabric style: appearance. The surface texture clear, smooth, feel better than pure wool fabric is soft, stiff rough, elastic wool and hair sticky cloth over. Squeeze the surface with your hands and release it, and the creases are quickly restored to the original condition.

        7, manufacturers of cashmere wool and acrylic blended woolen worsted: mostly. Mao Ganqiang, with a woolen style, a warm feeling. Not as elastic as wool.

        8, manufacturers of cashmere wool and nylon blended wool: face smooth, strong sense of hair appearance, with wax like luster, feel stiff. Hand pinch them after release, there are obvious creases, can slowly restore.

        9, silk: silk surface formation, fine, clean, soft luster, bright colors, pure. Feel smooth, soft, elegant appearance. In dry condition, the handle feels a sense of handle, and there is a silk sound when it is torn".

        10, viscose fabric (silk person): Silk gloss bright but not soft, bright color, smooth feel, strong sense of softness, drape, but not the elegant silk. After kneading, the silk surface is loosened, creased and restored slowly. Hoarseness when tearing. Warp and weft wet wet and very easy to break.

        Two) combustion identification

        Cotton: near flame, without shrinkage, without melting. Contact with flames, burning quickly, flames orange, blue smoke. Leave the flame and continue to burn. Burn up taste less ash, linear. Ash, soft, pale gray, hand touch friableness.

        Linen: ibid., less ash, light gray, or gray, hand touch easily into powder.

        Wire: close to the flame, curling does not melt. Contact flame, slow burning. Go out of flame and go out by yourself. The flame is orange and very small. The smell of burning feathers or burning hair, black brown ball, hand touch easily into powder.

        Mao: near the flame, curly, not melting. Exposure to fire, smoke, burning, bubbles.  Leave the flame and continue to burn. Sometimes extinguished, flames orange. Burning feathers or burning hair, much of the flavor, ashes, forming shiny amorphous black block, hand touch easily ashes

        Glue: close to the flame, burning rapidly, orange flame burning smell less ash, dark grey or light grey

        Polyester: near the flame, shrink first and then melt. Contact flame, fusion combustion. Leave the flame and continue to burn. Flame yellow white, bright, top wire black smoke. The special aroma of black, brown amorphous lump or small globose, with which can be crushed

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        Although acrylic usually

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