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        What are the characteristics of cashmere?

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        What are the characteristics of cashmere?

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        The wearing is comfortable, warm and strong, warmness, soft, Hikaruzawa Youwa, unique style, favored by consumers. Cashmere cashmere and cashmere, cashmere is higher than the value of sheep cashmere, cashmere clothing PC were mainly produced a layer of fine cashmere wool from goats and cashmere yield low per goat cashmere annual output of only 150 grams to 250 grams, the texture is soft, delicate, smooth, shiny, known as "soft gold", which are woven into the fabric of cashmere content is high, the more expensive the properties of cashmere fiber with its soft, light, soft, slippery and enjoy the "diamond fiber" reputation. At the same time it is also to cashmere products made with comfortable suede fullness, softness, soft luster and unique style, favored by consumers of cashmere products exquisite, elegant, luxurious, comfortable and strong. The utility model has the advantages of good heat retention, good air permeability, beautiful appearance and noble appearance

        Due to the scarcity of production of cashmere (accounted for only 0.2% of the total output of the world animal fiber), excellent quality, trading in price, is considered the "diamond fiber", "fiber Queen", which is also known as "soft gold". Unlike wool, cashmere grows on sheep and cashmere grows only on goats. Cashmere according to its natural color is divided into white cashmere, green cashmere, purple cashmere, of which the most valuable cashmere wool, accounting for only about 30% of the world's cashmere wool, cashmere cashmere in China accounted for about 40% of the proportion. Due to geographical restrictions, cashmere is produced only in a few countries in the world. China is the largest cashmere goat and cashmere producing country in the world. Cashmere production accounts for 60% of the world's total output, producing the best quality cashmere in the world. According to the national animal fiber quality inspection center, cashmere cashmere cashmere fineness of 15.35 microns in average, net cashmere rate of 75.51%, strength 4.59 grams, 51.42% extension length of Liaoning. Fine quality of villus. Ranks first in the country, is among the highest in the world of precious cashmere.

        Cashmere factory production of cashmere has curly irregular thin and deep, composed of cuticle layer and cortex without medulla, scale density is about 60 to 70 /mm, the circular cross section of the fiber diameter is thinner than the approximate, fine wool, the average fineness in 1416um, fineness unevenness rate is small. About 20%, the length is 35-45mm, high elongation, moisture absorption is better than wool, thin, thin, soft, set in a warm and smooth. The strength of the fiber is moderate, elastic and has a natural, soft color. The reaction of cashmere to acid, alkali and heat is more sensitive than fine wool. Even under the condition of lower temperature and lower concentration of acid and lye, the damage of fiber is also remarkable, especially sensitive to chlorine oxidant.

        First, slender, soft and warm. Cashmere is a kind of animal fiber in the thin, Aerbasi cashmere fineness is generally between 13um-15.5um, natural curl, closely arranged in spinning and weaving, cohesion, so warm and good, is 1.5-2 times of wool.  Cashmere fiber surface is small and smooth, and there is an air layer in the middle of the fiber, so it is light in weight and smooth in feel.

        Two is natural and soft color. Cashmere fiber fineness uniformity, density is small, cross section is regular round, moisture absorption is strong, can fully absorb dyes, not easy to fade. Compared with other fibers, cashmere produced by cashmere plants has the advantages of gloss, natural, soft, pure, gorgeous and so on.

        Three is flexible and elastic. Because of the cashmere fiber crimp number, crimp rate, crimp recovery rate is relatively large, suitable for processing is comfortable, soft, elastic knitwear, wearing comfortable nature, and has good redox properties, especially after washing does not shrink, the type of good.

        Material editor

        At present, the international market, quality is uneven in quality cashmere products. Many businesses in order to reduce the cost, or add the wool and other fibers, or use 28-30MM or below 16 microns above raw materials. But some professional top brands to use the fineness of 15 microns, the length of about 38MM

        Cashmere yarn

        Cashmere yarn

        Raw materials, so as to ensure that cashmere products as a high-end luxury status, we hope that the industry colleagues to work together to build a healthy, sustainable development of cashmere industry efforts!

        Certified editor

        Many people think cashmere is fine wool, but otherwise it is different from wool.  Cashmere grows on goats, and wool grows on sheep.

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