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        Which brand of sweater or cashmere sweater is good?

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        Which brand of sweater or cashmere sweater is good?

        Release date:2020-07-20 Author: Clicks:

         cashmere sweater

        Cashmere manufacturers recommend domestic brands are: Erdos, snow lotus, deer, mihuang, Heng Yuan Xiang, Zhao Jun, Zhenbei, Tuhuang, clothing, home, it is Hua Bei dragon, Mi Xuerong, Shanshan, and so on to.

        Cashmere sweater color natural and downy, cashmere fiber fineness uniformity, density is small, cross section is regular circle, moisture absorption is strong, can fully absorb dyes, not easy to fade. Compared with other fibers, cashmere produced by cashmere plants has the advantages of gloss, natural, soft, pure, gorgeous and so on. Flexible and elastic. Because of the cashmere fiber crimp number, crimp rate, crimp recovery rate is relatively large, suitable for processing is comfortable, soft, elastic knitwear, wearing comfortable nature, and has good redox properties, especially after washing does not shrink, the type of good.

        Mainly look at the content, it is best to go to the store, buy online, the best go to the official website or specify the network.

        You should pay attention when purchasing cashmere sweater manufacturer's products:

        1, to distinguish between clothing texture. Is it made of cashmere, wool or wool or anything else?. That's important. Don't just listen to the salesperson. Be sure to look inside the sign. Generally speaking, cashmere is the best, wool is second, and if wool is added to other things, it is even worse. It is easy to fluff.

        2, put the sweater in the neck and feel it. If it's warm and uncomfortable, it's best. After all, the collar of the sweater is attached to the neck. If you feel itchy or itchy, don't buy it because of the style. Because you can't stand the whole day's discomfort.

        3, see the washing mark, according to their actual situation to buy some sweaters, because the style is special, special care, or washing. If you don't have this condition, try not to buy it.

        4, wool, cashmere, the difference. Pure cashmere is not strong, therefore, can choose the cashmere sweater Maoku, but it is best not to choose, or thigh easily worn. Blends are best not to be bought because they are easily roughed up.

        5. pure cashmere products price will not be less than 800, if less than certainly not pure, so do not be discounted sales trick trick.

        And finally, smell it. If it's irritating, the clothes have been treated with chemicals. After you wear it for a while, you'll get out of shape

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