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        What is blended cashmere yarn? What are its features?

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        What is blended cashmere yarn? What are its features?

        Release date:2020-07-27 Author: Clicks:


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        Cashmere industry in Baoshan cashmere industry has great potential for development

        China Market Research Center is the National Bureau of statistics of the original agency, now belongs to the Institute of contemporary urban and rural development planning China Academy of Social Sciences, the National Bureau of statistics statistics data and national customs import and export data processing and retrieval; UN database data, analyze its use of mathematical proprietary model, combining with the reality Chinese Market Research Center, China checks by the Academy of Social Sciences, the National Bureau of Statistics experts, the final research results to the society to the public.

        From the national market point of view, the current domestic market cashmere fabric plush fabric demand in about 1.2-1.5 million yards, from the capacity point of view, several large enterprises accounted for half of the country. Among them, Haixin Group Limited by Share Ltd 22 million yards (including the South China Sea Haixin 6 million 500 thousand yards), 30 million yards of Zhejiang Cixi plush production enterprises scattered, Guangdong production accounted for about 31 million yards, the Sheng Heyang company is about 8 million yards. Now, the market is mainly concentrated in the toy industry. With the development of wearability and automotive products, the market potential of plush fabrics is enormous.

        The main characteristics of polyester cotton blended line is high fracture strength, generally more than the same size of cotton high 40%; good wear resistance, compared with the general specifications of cotton is 1 times higher; small shrinkage, shrinkage rate is only about 0.5%, suitable for sewing fabric and cotton fabric wrinkle grade, pin Ping ting; good heat resistance. Can adapt to high speed sewing machine 3000-4000r/min, ironing temperature at 160 degrees Celsius; softness and elasticity, suitable for sewing high-grade chemical fiber fabrics. Can be customized according to customer requirements. The quality is good and the products are in short supply.

        Toy manufacturing industry: according to statistics, in China's more than 1 billion 300 million population, children under 14 years old and infants and young children will be close to more than 300 million people, accounting for 25% of the national population, accounting for about 1/3 of the school-age children around the world. There are 80 million urban children in China, and they constitute a very large group of toy sales expenses. Among the many toy varieties, plush toys and children's toy cars are the best sellers.

        Clothing industry: the garment industry has a good momentum of development, thus driving the development of textile intermediate products, including plush fabrics. With the current lack of animal protectionism and the rise of global natural animal resources, making its substitute long felt fabric garment more and more into people's lives.

        Automotive textiles: foreign car upholstery has largely replaced textiles with synthetic leather. According to statistics, each car consumes about 23.2 meters of textile truck, each about 15.2 meters, the current domestic car ownership has more than about 33000000, while the domestic automobile interior decoration is mainly used in artificial leather, promote the rapid development of domestic automotive industry, automobile textile products have broad market prospects.

        At present, the technical development trend of plush fabric industry is that the flame retardant requirements of fabrics are increasing day by day, and the status of new flame retardant fibers in raw materials is gradually increasing. The number of life and property losses caused by the fire of textiles every year in the world is staggering and difficult to estimate.


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