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      1. Cashmere

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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

        Contact: Manager Men

        Tel: 13363799563

        Address: Qinghe Hebei city of Xingtai Province

        Usage categories of cashmere sweaters

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        Usage categories of cashmere sweaters

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         cashmere sweaters


        Cashmere sweater is the most valuable sweater, the appearance of delicate and plump, soft and waxy, light and comfortable wear, good heat preservation, both inside and outside the wear all right.

        With the improvement of people's living standard, we find that a kind of wool has stronger heat preservation, and the weight is much lighter than wool. This is cashmere yarn. Known as the diamond fiber or soft gold cashmere, due to its excellent physical qualities is a natural animal fiber in the queen, her value also let ordinary wool and other animal fiber dust! Perhaps because of this reason, cashmere line has not become the mainstream of market consumption.

        Cashmere line price than ordinary wool to higher, but woven cashmere sweater appearance is very noble, and heat preservation than ordinary wool 3 times, popular with the public. With the gradual recognition of cashmere line, more and more people will like cashmere yarn in the future.

        Knitted cashmere underwear is the best underwear products.

        Cashmere sweater produced by cashmere sweater, pure cashmere sweater and blended cashmere sweater. Pure cashmere cashmere fiber should contain 100%, taking into account the existence of cashmere fiber morphological variation and non-human factors mixed with wool, according to China textile industry standard, the highest line of finished cashmere cashmere fiber content can reach 98%. Cashmere content of more than 30%, can be called cashmere sweater, cashmere content of less than 30% can only be called "plush blend" products, cashmere cashmere content of more than 95% can be marked "100% cashmere" or "pure cashmere sweater".

        12 pure cashmere sweater needle is composed of 26 branch line 12, pure cashmere double or 14 male single yarn; according to different needle type, you can choose a different number, under normal circumstances, the yarn count pin number is low for the bottom. Of course, also can by and shares to yarn in order to meet the need of coarse needle. Other fiber blended cashmere sweater in a lot, as long as suitable and cashmere blended and can achieve soft effect, such as silk, cotton, linen, wool and soybean developed, milk fiber and so on can.

        The main production base: Hebei Lixian County, Zhejiang Guangdong Dalang, Hebei Qinghe Puyuan, etc.

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