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      1. Cashmere

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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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        Address: Qinghe Hebei city of Xingtai Province

        Pay attention to the quality of cashmere sweater online shopping, have you bought a fake cashmere sweater?

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        Pay attention to the quality of cashmere sweater online shopping, have you bought a fake cashmere sweater?

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        Select regular marketing sites, general Amazon, Dangdang, No. 1 stores, Jingdong, vip.com stores are genuine goods. Rest assured, basically sell sweaters and businesses than the price higher, but usually a pure cashmere sweater (national standard: cashmere cashmere products more than 95% of the amount of tagging the pure cashmere products) the cost of conservative calculation in 300 yuan, but some shopping malls in the promotion, a cashmere content of 50% cashmere sweater sales price less than 100 yuan, selling wool sweater is cheaper than that, this phenomenon is not normal. The key to strict selection of goods before the next one, pay attention to businesses to produce goods, the specification and material, pay attention not just to buy cheap goods, but also about the quality of the wool sweater, and consider the quality and level of quality of service businesses.

        Question 1 cashmere cashmere without cashmere

        The national standard, pure cashmere knitwear Zhongshan cashmere fiber content must be 95% or above; reduce the cashmere fiber and cashmere blended knitwear excellent products and first-class goods in less than 5%. This comparison test, the temperature of friends cashmere official flagship store 980 yuan to buy the "WEN? YOU warm friends cashmere" samples, in dangdang.com 100 pure cashmere mill factory shop 726 yuan to buy the "FANGRONG Fang Rong" samples, respectively 100% and 80% express cashmere, measured only 20% wool and other fibers, suspected fake.

        In the Jingdong Yu Zhaolin women's flagship store to buy "Yu Zhaolin" cashmere sweater samples, express cashmere 96.3%, measured 90%, and did not meet the national standard requirements. In dangdang.com buy "ancient Cibodi GUCIBODI" cashmere sweater samples mixed with micro other fibre, defective; purchased from jumei.com's "wheat yarn" sample label cashmere blended, but actual cashmere content is only 22%.

        Online cashmere sweater quality reliable? Did you get a fake cashmere sweater?

        Problem 2 excessive finishing agent

        Naibao cashmere sweater cashmere sweater manufacturers pay special attention to oil containing high or finishing finishing agent added too much, will enable consumers to sensitive skin caused by the sense of smell or body discomfort, after testing, Tmall mall mihuang fashion flagship store 2180 yuan to buy "mihuang cashmere sweater", and "Rongdian", "Liu Yiren" and "Dirui sheep", "Fang Rong FANGRONG" Cashmere Sweater 5 samples of the index does not meet the national standards.

        The 3 brands are not reliable

        Alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO) because of lower cost, in the textile industry, printing and dyeing, was used in the cleaning process, but APEO can not be degraded, once entered into the environment, will be quickly decomposed into more toxic environmental hormone and exist for a long time, once enter the body, the normal physiological role can interfere with the endocrine the effect of biological normal reproduction and development, promoting cancer, immune effect. After testing, 40 samples of 16 samples detected APEO substances, of which 10 samples APEO value is higher, the highest for jumei.com to buy "wheat yarn" sample, the test value of up to 1231mg/kg. It also includes some well-known brands, such as "ports" and "mihuang", "bamboo", "CROCODILE (crocodile)" and "boyige" and "mijun", the purchase price of up to 5092 yuan of "Martha" in its products.

        Online cashmere sweater quality reliable? Did you get a fake cashmere sweater?

        Problem 4 pilling deformation marking does not match

        After testing, 40 samples, didiboy Tmall mall official flagship store sales of the "DIDIBOY", another website Fu Fank Ni cashmere special sales "FRANCK NAMANI" and other 5 samples, the pilling property does not meet the national standard requirements, affecting the wearing effect. In addition, Shanghai for the Limited by Share Ltd "to" brand apparel and clothing trade Co. Ltd Xingtai Puri "Dirui sheep" brand samples after washing the deformation degree of non-compliance; there are 7 samples labeling unlabeled fiber content, business address and contact information, washing graphic symbols is not standardized and the internal and external standard is inconsistent.

        Cashmere sweater manufacturers pay special attention to the quality problems of cashmere sweaters!

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